Sporting Rifle Shoot – Sunday 23 September 2018


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Thanks very much to the organisers! The weather was terrible, my shooting worse but thoroughly enjoyed it!



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Top position undoubtedly goes to the Gentlemen & Surgeon who spent ALL day in the butts marking.

Please accept the BSRC's sincere thanks and indeed those from everyone who shot today.

Pine Marten

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Did more people from BSRC turn up in the afternoon once the rain stopped? What were the scores at the end? Anyway, I really enjoyed it, and now I know that my rifle and ammunition is definitely good for 200m, and that I am mostly too. Also quite eye-opening to see that even seasoned stalkers, shooters, gunsmiths and Pine Martens miss completely sometimes at that distance in simulated field conditions.


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Did more people from BSRC turn up in the afternoon once the rain stopped? What were the scores at the end?
Sadly not but the positives are:

a. Those who did attend enjoyed the course of fire
b. It was great and strangely comforting to see an 85-year old post the winning chamois score!


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A breif Match Report and scores will follow when I'm in receipt of the latter but for now just one picture that provides a flavour of proceedings.

I give you "Pine Marten & Stutzen".

Somewhere down range there's a wee DJV sitting fox target.


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Looks a bit like my DSC 1 day! Except it was so cold for us we were lying on ice where the rain had frozen!



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Aplogies for the delay:

BSRC Chamois & Fox Shoot – 23 September 2018 Report

Well, we were long overdue some bad weather for this event and it is fair to say we got some this year! ROs arrived at 07:15 and 07:25 respectively, both having got up considerably earlier than that, to collect kit and by 08:15hrs a large gazebo was up on the firing point to keep the expected club and Stalking Directory members dry while they waited to shoot.

Targets were fixed to frames and taped on for good measure and the unexpected but very welcome arrival of Jay Jayakumar who volunteered to act as marker, meant we were ready to shoot – all that was missing were shooters… not to worry, they’ll turn up… or so we thought.

The first to arrive was Lawrence Gould, AKA Pine Marten, who has wanted to attend this shoot for years but things have always contrived to get in his way; this year he did not let a little bit of rain stop him and made the trip down from West London by Public Transport to put the first shot into a clean Chamois target and give Jay something to do. For the record PM was not wearing sandals! Next to arrive was Norman Clark who, along with his son Peter, had driven all the way down from Rugby specially to take part in the shoot and was suitably decked out in waterproofs and not afraid to get his rifle a little damp. The morning progressed but very few shooters braved the conditions.

Not to be too disheartened, with the appearance of blue sky and sunshine over lunch and the forecast for better weather in the afternoon, the volunteers running the event were sure they’d see BSRC club members turning up in droves in the afternoon and at least a few keen SD shooters too. We were wrong!

What a sad state of affairs when club and SD members seem more interested in staying at home in the dry or sitting at a bench punching holes in a ‘zero’ target than they do in taking part in a sporting rifle fun shoot that is the epitome of what the BSRC stands for. How this contrasts with the support for the Pennine Shooting Sports Association who, for the second year running, turned out to shoot the same course of fire in parallel with ours and who despite only having the range for a couple of hours managed to get 12 members shooting. Well, on the plus side, the lack of any other shooters from the club or SD meant that the ROs were not pushed and could enjoy the sunshine in the afternoon as well as get to shoot themselves.

Thank you to those who came along and supported this event and especially to Jay Jayakumar for spending all day marking.
Perhaps The Stalking Directory membership will help make this annual event everything it should be in Autumn 2019 by putting it in your diary now please?

A total of 22 shooters took part in this event and 1st, 2nd & 3rd positions in each discipline are as follows:

The Chamois
John Kynoch - BSRC 97
Steve Wallis - BSRC 95
Richard Lane - BSRC 95
Norman Clark - NRA 87

The Fox
Richard Lane - BSRC 85
Ashley Edge - PSSA 73
Lawrence Gould - BSRC 70


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That looks like a great bit of fun and well done to everyone who took part. The shooting certainly looks like a challenge to say the least. As you say this is much more valid than most other forms of target shooting from the perspective of the stalker.

Maybe you should run an "internet" version of it like the black dot? You might have to reduce the range a bit as many people will not be able to shoot targets at 200 yards on their ground and perhaps you could run a version for those who don't have a single stick or whatever but if there was somewhere we could order up the targets it might be a bit of fun.

Pine Marten

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Thanks for taking the time to write that report, Klenchblaize!

It is indeed a bit of a challenge. I had two attempts each at both events with some verbal coaching from K in between that made all the difference. A key thing is that on the single stick, a tiny bit of sway is the difference between a good score and nothing. I think on my first attempt at the Buck, I had a lovely group just left of the chest, and that was just through not being quite stable enough and swaying a bit. Second time, that was controlled and everything was much better. It just makes you realise you can't be complacent. Double the distance and you double the effect of small bits of sloppiness. Of which, another tale forthcoming. Anyway, I'm very glad I made it, and very grateful that the ROs stuck it out. That said, in the field, I know not to try and shoot a fox in the head at 200m from a single stick!