Spotted my first stag for 2019 this morn.


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Went to yesterdays Mr Velvet`s gully early AM and saw sfa/ JS. Pulled the pin and drove off the other way 10 k`s to a big wide floored gully and then (dog and I) dropped into the top end to where it narrows and some time later found Mr Brow`s having a browse.

I saw brown and didn't know what he was until I saw the tell tale yellowy tan sticks on his scone as he lifted his head and I did think geez he has long brows eh and is a likely stag for someone from the SD.

As a reading glasses user I was caught out as they were in my pocket and I quickly set the tripod up (balanced on a log) and aimed the camera between the two tree trunks,sighting blind almost as the little camera screen is a pain to view without my reading glasses. The rattling around is me trying to find my effing glasses while lifting the bino`s up etc.

Anyway I aimed it ok and had a look through the bino`s and then thought about raising the 7mm with a rest on a handy tree but declined, nonetheless I came home happy to have seen a sambar.

By #### I love watching these magnificent deer as they go about their day. I got my glasses on and got a couple of snippets but he moved out of sight.

I was in prickly Coprosma and had to get off the log and try and see him to where he had moved to but to no avail. I seem to think that the oncoming warmer air as the sun came up gave him a swirl.



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Hello John

Thank you for sharing - sure gets the heartrate up looking at uninterrupted deer going about their daily routine.
Fellah looks more than just a good representative - front tines seem good length, though in final clip did see (I think) a poor rear-upper one?
Nonetheless on I am sure anyone this side would be more than chuffed to 'roll' him given half a chance!
How awkward would the haul-out have been?



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Nonetheless on I am sure anyone this side would be more than chuffed to 'roll' him given half a chance!
How awkward would the haul-out have been?
"anyone on this side"

Loki you are about the only bloke that shows any interest in actual sambar deer hunting down here....thus I extend an invite for you to come and have a week with me in 2019, I do like taking O/S visiting hunters out for some challenging hunting.

You can go for him yourself with his 2019 new head gear. I will show you where he is ha ha...go get him.

Although he may never be seen again and he is not going to be at his maturest in 2019 the thing is with sambar for a hunter coming from the UK he would be a good one.
Even here many Aussies would be stoked to roll a representative stag as he. They don't come easy though Loki.

The haul out?
Approach from the high side then downhill and then cross the creek through chest high ferns and then up into the other side of the gully into the thick shite he is in and start from there. But it is part of the job of hunting our deer,not always hard retrieves but many are. A sled wont work either and it would have to be the size of a Toyota Landcruiser bonnet anyway.


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Lovely bits of video, well done. I can watch deer all day, rarely get the chance to shoot them, maybe 4-6 times a year, but they are just so beautiful!
What is the 7mm you mention? Is this a magnum or are the more 'normal' 7mm up to your deer?
Thank you for posting.