Spyderco uk bushcraft knife


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Afternoon, any one have any idea what this is worth?
Its one of the uk bushcraft knife that was sold as "fire damaged" 10+ years ago and i think the idea was shelved!
I was lucky with mine as the handle is fine but some had handles that were not stabalised and cracked thus they sold off the lot.
All original box etc and knife has been used lightly on game and stropped back up.


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Oop? out of production?
Dont think they ever made it into full production, it was an awaited launch that didnt happen i think😁


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I got one of the cheap run of "faulty" knives and re-finished the handle with linseed oil and cyano-acrylate, though I couldn't see anything wrong with it.

They did sell some full price spalted maple burl and micarta, too. They weren't cheap.

You might get a more accurate impression of price on the knife forums.

For what it's worth, mine is going strong despite heavy use. Probably the most comfortable handle design I've ever used.

More recent pics with a bit of patina:

As the old cliché goes: "it's worth what someone will pay for it"!

I really rate the knife and would recommend it to anyone happy with a scandi grind and carbon steel (O1)


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Looks fantastic👌
I think the handles with the "prettiest" maple burl were the ones that cracked the most, i was lucky with mine.
Might try and take some nice photos like yours👍


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I've seen these go for anything between £60 and £300 so as said above ... it's worth what you can get for it !

That super comfortable handle was designed by a mate of mine who is known for the good ergonomics of his designs. The handles were later made from G10 and were virtually indestructable. There was talk of a full flat ground version (MUCH better for meat use ;) ) I'll ask my mate what became of it when I catch up with him.


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Yes the handle does feel good in the hand👍
For £60 i would keep it, be a hell of a knife for £60, cant buy a spyderco folder for that sort of money.