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For Sale: SSG 69 .308 & .243 & bits.

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Well-Known Member
For Sale:

SSG 69 .308 P1/P2 Hybrid (Sights removed and P2 bolt handle fitted)
Brl shortened to 20" and screw cut M18X1
Professionally powder coated in "Afgan Green" which is a little like Flat Dark Earth.
Shoots exceptionally well with 150-180 GN Projectiles. (load data will be supplied)
Round count Unknown.
Good condition.
Pics to follow.
£650 plus RFD fees your end or FTF collection.

SSG 69 P1 .243 Very good almost unused condition, NOT Screw cut with round count of less than 200.
Open sights still fitted inc foresight hood which normally gets lost over time.
Pics to follow.
£725 plus RFD fees your end or FTF collection.


2 x STYRIA ARMS bottom metal to fit SSG 69 to enable the use of AICS magazines. £250 each *WITH NO MAGS*

1 x New unused .243 Steyr SSG rotary mag £40.

1 x Set of 34mm APEL rings and bases for SSG 69 £95.

1 x Set of 30mm Steyr SSG rings £50.

1 x Set of 1" Steyr SSG rings £50.

1 x Steyr SSG 10 round mag (To fit standard factory mag well) £60.

Any questions please ask.
Kind regards Bob.


Well-Known Member
Also 2 X Genuine Steyr pic rails for sale £100 each.
O MOA Inclination
To be sold with or after the sale of rifles.
Kind regards Bob.


Well-Known Member
Hi Graham,
Thank you for your interest in Bottom metal for the SSG, I will note your interest as I won’t be selling any of the accessories until such time that the rifles sell.
Kind regards Bob.


Well-Known Member
Thanks, I have used the SSG’s for many years and I have never had a moments trouble with them. They are about as accurate as anything I have own including AI AW, TRG22, and Blaser.
Just decided to cut down on what I have in the cabinet.

I would consider offers that are close to the asking price but do keep the offers senceable as I have priced the rifles and accessories a realistic amount to sell and see no reason to give them away.
Kind regards Bob.


Well-Known Member
.308 SSG must go!
Slot needed on Ticket.
PRICE REDUCED TO £450 with factory mag system or £650 WITH Styria Arms Bottom Metal.
Price will include RFD transfer at my end.
Bargain of the Year!
Also pic rail £100 Inc delivery.
34MM Apel Rings and Bases £100 Inc delivery.
Many thanks.
UK Outfitters