St Huberts Club of Gt Britain?

Hi all,

I had until recently the unfortunate experience of St Hubert membership. Before I share my tails of dissapointment, I thought I would stir up some debate by asking, what your perception of the club is?


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Ah!! there in lies a tail. I assume you are aware of the problem they had quiet recently I believe at the accommodation they have in or near Thetford.

I heard it was a serious incident involving one of the senior members and a firearm. Plus they were threatened with loosing their lease. This information came through a very good source of mine.

I have met a few of their members over the years, although I have never personally stalked with any of them.
For those not familiar with the club and it's objectives - from their website.

St. Hubert Club
Great Britain


The St. Hubert Club of Great Britain was founded in 1953, in order to create fraternity amongst sportsmen all over the world. Its aim is the conservation and pursuit in a sportsman like manner of all types of game.

The St. Hubert Club is however, primarily concerned with the training of its member stalkers, and was the first organisation in the United Kingdom to plan and operate a formal programme of training, both in theory and in practice. In addition to its stalker training the St. Hubert Club also provides a congenial meeting ground for the exchange of member’s views and experiences. The idea, so profoundly united with nature, wild life, and sport, helps in creating friendship among people who understand and appreciate the opportunities presented through sport.

Contact is maintained with sporting organisations in other countries: St. Hubert Clubs are established all over the world and the spirit of St. Hubert is widely spread. The Club participates in various national and international enterprises, such as International Hunting Exhibitions, Plovdiv, Bulgaria Budapest and has taken an active part in the International Congress of Game Biologists in Denmark, Holland, Italy, the North American Wild Life Conference as well as numerous conferences and game fairs in the United Kingdom, in addition to organising deer and other game exhibitions. The Club is actively concerned with the conservation and management of deer in particular, and wildlife in general, the preservation of habitat and with legislation affecting hunting, shooting and fishing. The Club advocates and practices deer management and selective control providing many of the country’s major land owners/administrators with the services of highly trained and proficient stalkers.

St. Hubert Club members are graded according to experience and ability through the Club’s strictly enforced training programme. Novice and trainee members all undergo both theoretical and practical training over a period of approximately four years which will eventually qualify them as proficient stalkers in their own right and in suitable instances they may be invited to become instructors. This training is obligatory for all members who wish to stalk on ground that is managed by the Club and no exceptions are made however experienced the individual may be.

The quality of St. Hubert Club training which is second to none, is jealously guarded, and the highest standards are always maintained.

In addition to the stalking activities of the Club, members also enjoy a variety of social activities which include regular members' dinners held at a London restaurant, an annual deer head exhibition and barbeque in the summer and most importantly the Annual General Meeting and Banquet held on St. Hubert's day at a London club. Events like Ladies' Evenings and other informal occasions are also organised within the Club. Apart from formal Club meetings, which naturally, are restricted to members only, guests are made welcome at the majority of Club functions.

Sounds like good idea to me. I await further comments with much interest!


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I don't know any St Hubert stalkers, but do know people who have stalked with there members. Frankly they were not impressed! Is it like Free Masonary with guns? :D


Those that I have met, and either stalked with or spent other time with, have always been good stalkers and/or at least good company. Its a stalking club with all of the internal dynamics you would expect in any decent club.

St. Hubert Club training is I understand very exacting and well received. Unlike the DSC1&2 tripe, which is more about making money.

I like the idea of club dinners and BBQ's.


Beowulf said:
I don't know any St Hubert stalkers, but do know people who have stalked with there members. Frankly they were not impressed! Is it like Free Masonary with guns? :D
I know a guy who's brother knew a guy who's best man once met Elvis at Las Vagas. He said that he said that he said Elvis was a really nice bloke :p


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Butch. I agree their objectives are very comendable, although I will say that the greater majority of stalkers, and I would think everyone on this forum aspires to the same. Being a succesful and professional stalker comes through years of experiance, not being a member of a club.

I know a number of people who are members, one of them long retired was a very senior member in the club.


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Douglas 'There's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis, but he's a lair and I'm not sure about you'. In the words of the late great Kirsty McCol. :lol:


sikamalc said:
Being a succesful and professional stalker comes through years of experiance, not being a member of a club.
The same accusation can be levelled at DSC1&2, It doesn't seem to stop people though.
its not the best stand at the many fairs to go to if your a young stalker!!! they were rude ignorate, even when i told them so! from my experience of them not good ambassidors for our sport


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I never quite understood where the Hubertians were coming from. There stands at the CLA etc were OK but how were you ment to join??? A bit Free Mason like to say the least.
There constitution sounded noble - no problem there.
To quote
"The quality of St. Hubert Club training which is second to none, is jealously guarded." possibly too jealously guarded.
Non of the inclusivity of a proper European hunting club.

Confused I am, much more fun on this forum and just going out deer managing the normal way chaps :) :) :)



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Douglas, let me enlighten you.

I know this story to be fact, and it has been covered up by the St Hubert Club.

It relates to last year and a group of members who were stalking on the club lease in theford forest. The club also has a property there, which I believe is a semi detached bungalow or cottage.

It would appear that a high ranking member of the club on arriving back from a mornings stalk, DISCHARGED his rifle accidentaly in the house. The neighbours wife was in the bath next door and luckily the round did not go right through the wall.

The Commission got to hear about this and the whole affair got very heated, and I believe a sort of ultimatum was given in that either the person in question resigned, or they would loose their lease. It would seem that some younger less influential members were in agreement for this gentleman to resign, but were told that it was a mistake. It appears that the said gentleman did eventually resign, and the FC have put further measures in place. So much for a professional training!!

The St Huberts club have also recently via the back door tried to take some stalking off two friends of mine. The organisation that owns the ground told them in no unceratin terms to take a walk.

I could go on about other events I am aware of, but I will leave you to digest the above.
St Huberts

I thought this would have a few devided opinions!
My personal experience was of mixed feelings but eventually the "cons" out weighed the pluses.
The "incident" was a senior A stalker who finished his stalk with his pupil,(who incidentally had better firearm sense than he) travelled back to the Thetford cottage with a loaded rifle in his vehicle and then discharged it in the building blowing a hole through the wall.
The club had to throw him out to keep the FC on side even though there were club members who voted to keep him.
The training days were quite good apart from it being a fancy dress event. Guys turned up in capes, plus fours and tweed deer stalker hats. My rifle is a Remmy 700 in a H&S stock, moderated and with Leupold glass, they looked at it like it was a ray gun!
I could go on but overall they are archaic and belong back with the dinosaurs!!


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Ahh!!! H thank you for that, just shows how wrong some people can be. I have also heard about there swish dinners at the Army and Navy Club and the higher ranks demanding members wear green jackets highlighted with blood red cord.

If they are that well trained, it beggars bloody belief that some IDIOT takes a loaded weapon into a house, and a TRAINER. GOD, who would want him training someone. Bring on level 1 and 2 Douglas. I hear the lady next door was in the bath at the time and was showered with plaster and brick dust. Lucky St Hubert member, he could have been on a manslaughter charge.

What makes me annoyed is the cover up that followed. All their laws and rules amount to nothing, if they wanted to keep this guy in the club. Its a pity they did not loose their lease over it, I would bet a years salary that if it had been an ordinary member their feet wouldnt have touched the floor.

Next time you are at one of their stands ask them what their take is on loaded weapons being discharged through someones wall!!!

Well done H, you stick to your Remmy, I have one in 25.06 model 77 moderated, stainless and plastic, with a Leupold scope.


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Douglas, I believe you used the phrase "Decent Club" Hmmmm well if it was that decent, they should have done the decent thing and thrown the idiot out on his decidely undecent backside.

I was not aware that the IDIOT also had the rifle loaded in the car as well.

Well trained, I wonder how far one would get on Level 1 or 2 if they had acted in such a manner. Somehow I doubt they would pass.


sikamalc said:
Douglas, I believe you used the phrase "Decent Club"

I believe I did use that phrase.

A decent club is more about the membership than the individuals. So what if some of the old hands dress a bit funny or wear striped jackets at the club dinners. You only have to look at the NRA, MCC or any of the other long establiished sporting clubs and organisations to see some wierd and wonderfull dress sense and behaviour. I quite enjoy the London Club atmos on the rare occassions that I ever get in one.

I stand by my post. Those members that I have had dealings with in the past have been good guys. I admit that they are obviously only a small proportion of the Clubs membership. Anyone know what their total membership number is?

Their training is well received and exacting. Unlike the DSC codswallop currently being foisted upon hundreds of unsuspecting and desperate stalkers. I see no reason to condemn it just because of the idiotic actions of just one man.

You are not one of those making money out of the DSC fiasco are you?

Rob Mac

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St Huberts

I’ve got to admit that I know very little about the St. Hubert Club. I haven’t knowingly met or shot with a club member, and the little I do know has come from reading articles and hearing stories about them.

I don’t want to seem like the voice of reason here (God forbid), but should this one incident permanently blacken their reputation. Yes, the incident was inexcusable. Yes, the member should have resigned instantly. Yes, the other membership dithered. But does that mean this Club isn’t a force for good – overall. Their training programme by all accounts is thorough and the ethics they promote are very worthy. Are they allowed another chance? Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be rushing out to take up membership, but these things should be looked at as part of a bigger picture. I’ve met some useless members of the BDS and BASC, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think they do some really useful work as a body.

Anyway, as my wife says, “Don’t complain about something, you’re not prepared to do something about (or words to that effect)”. Anyone want to start a new club?




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No I am not, wouldnt want the hassle of it, they took my money matey and I agree it is a fiasco, or was some 2 years back.

One man you say, ah yes but a trainer it would seem, who takes the delight in carrying a loaded weapon in a vehicle, and then decides to blow a hole in someones wall, whilst training another member, Hmm not the sort of trainer I would want, how about you? Rules in clubs are for everyone, not just for some.

I am not saying all St Hubert members are the same, but if there training is that exacting, one wonders who trained the idiot that blew the hole in the wall. Basic firearm safety is sadly lacking with them I would say, and then to try and cover it up, would you say that is the honest, ethical and correct thing to do by the membership?

Are you a St Hubert Club member? or are you are friend of the idiot?

Sorry I had to ask. I also stand by my post, it would seem you knew nothing of this event.

I have also been to similar dinners etc, even some of the big SCI dinners in the States, yes they are fun events. My point is the St Huberts Club seem to put all the hairs and graces on, and yet they have F----- up big time. I see quite a few members resigned over this affair.