Stag Stalking Recommendations


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I have a friend coming over from Canada at the end of August and want to arrange 2 days stag stalking on the hill. Not after any great trophies, just the craic. After telling him how great Scottish hill stalking is, I now want him to experience it for himself.
Any recommendations as to where to go without having to spend a fortune?


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The silence is deafening! Surely someone has an idea where to start?
Any suggestions gladly accepted rather than start 'cold calling' or 'Google' search.
Here's hoping :lol:


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Just read this thread, have you any preference to where and any other preferences, such as ponies, steep ground/flat ground .

I'll see what I can do



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Hi Bambslayer, would prefer the ground to be hillyer rather than flat, ponies would be nice but not essential. Not really worried about location as him and his wife will be flying into Edinburgh and I will have to drive up from down South anyway. The dates they have scheduled for 'hunting' are the 25th and 26th August.

Hi Mole, thanks for the suggestion but I would prefer Scotland.

Cheers guys for your help.