Staghorn for sticks


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right, so I'm going to have a whack at making some sticks for a bit of fun.

I don't want to buy staghorn, or use my own trophies! I have a lot of staghorn I've found on the ground from cast antlers, and some from dead stags. Most of these have a range of mossy green coating and staining, is there any way to remove this without making them all white?

I have tried a bit of jeyes fluid, but to no avail.

also, what is the process of getting the bloody pith cleaned and dried out of the stag horn, ready for accepting a mounting 8mm steel rod?

which lacquer might look nice on hazel sticks? would you leave natural otherwise? would you coat the stag horn?

lastly, I have access to a lot of old staghorn that's cast from deer farms, but they seem to have quite gone white, I don't know why the brown staining goes out of them over time, would these be at all attractive on sticks in your opinion(s)?

any thoughts on any of the above appreciated.

Edit, how do you make those little knobs of wood or buffalo that go on the open/cut ends of the horn, cut square then sand?
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There is some good books about on ebay for not a lot of money on stickmaking and have a look the link below for some components should you need them. (No connection to me)

I have some seasoned shanks in the loft I plan on using this year with some stag antler & buffalo caps when I get my hands on some.

Made some great wading staffs in the past but never horn handles but it look easy enough

I think the book i bought was by Leo Gowans? Anyway, hope that helps