Stags clean yet?


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Can't comment on reds, but fallow are 2 weeks behind last year. They were all clean in my ground this week last year, but are still in full velvet (some still rubbery at the tips) this year.


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Al the Reds on the ground I'm on / on route to the ground I'm on are still in velvet. I haven't seen one clean / in rags from hundreds. Cheers

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Not sure about Reds but spotted five big wild fallow bucks clean last week in fact they were the biggest wild fallow bucks I've ever seen around me.


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Thanks for the replies! I take it the sika clean at the same time? Or are they slightly earlier? Felt very autumnal at the weekend and the last 2 days have been the best days of summer so far!


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I was out last week with my pal and we had 5 stags, 3 decent ones and 2 staggies, all fully in velvet, in north west scotland - forestry management shooting. We saw dozens of stags, none showing any signs of being clean.