Stalk report Kings Forest Thetford/PM Stalk


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Hi all
thought I might share this with you guys , as I have had this one booked for awhile , and importantly it was this booking that finally got my FAC certified , (under land to shoot over )which I had to prove as a requesit for my FAC.(Dont' go there).

Arrived at 1400 and chilled out for awhile , did a quick recce to familiarize my self with the rides and ground, then chilled out after a 4 hr drive .
Met my stalking host at 1700, spot on time , DES GREEN a most amiable man with a quiete calm manner that put me at ease straight away , chewed the cud for a moment or two , then out in the pickup to check zero, Des put out target at 100, and allowed me get my act together , failure to pass this is no option. I grouped well and made a 1" down adjustment on my sight , bang spot on !!.

Off we went for the PM stalk at about 1730, this allowed us to arrive and sort out my act without pressure , Safety brief ,options all fully explained by Des , we stood for awhile whilst I took in again unfamiliar territory, fallow Does doing a (megane) shaking there ass not 60 yards away, they just like to tease !!!. Off we went at about 1830 Des just let me stalk as if I was on my own, he was of course close but not interfering and I was able to choose my own route .
After a few hundred yards a Roe doe spotted us and off she went barking, lesson one ,(slowdown ) move at the rate that they browse at !.

Took in all the other wildlife around me as we stalked , such a diversity, the evening was sunny and bright , a little bit of a breeze(pre rain type)
Des pointed out the high seat we would finally arrive at. I was indeed honoured !!! It was the highseat that Gordon Ramsey used for his F.word
show when he went on a stalk. more later !!

Stalked along for awhile plenty of roe does but not the bucks, which was my main purpose, startled a Muntjac ! he startled me ! came out directly in front of me at 30 yards !Ifroze , he sussed me I sussed him and he buggered off laughing and barking!!!. me I looked at Des and I felt a plonker !SLOW DOWN!. Scoped a Roe Doe with two kids at heel , 200 yards in a clearing by a ride , kids suckled and played about ,mother watchful, spent 10 minutes just watching them. Even Des said, it was a sight he hadnt seen for along while , the stalk was worth it for that , off to the highseat, very cautious on approach , Des clucked I turned around ,to find a roe doe following us up the track 50 yards behind us! not a bloody care in the world, we must have passed her so close , that she came out for a mosey!!.
Into Ramseys highseat , settled in and, Whispered a few comments apologized for my terrets when I encountered previous munty, apparently I was mild as to Gordon so I left it there !Sat in the same arse space as the greatman, out pops Munty 100 yards and slowly moving away , no safe shot arse towards me. Got settled, felt that I was ok to take a shot at that range ! bit long but I knew my .243 Tikka was spot on , a little squeak an the Buttalo and he turned !. Perfect presentation!!. The rest well in Gordons words had he been here !! Backstop, range , scope ,safety off , bang , gralloch, sorted!! He dropped almost immidiatly
jumped about 3 yards forward. By now it was just becomming dark so we concluded the evening stalk. Back to the pickup stalk concluded at about
2145hrs only regret (munty had shed his antlers) a great stalk I thought , anyway i popped my cherry as this was my first muntjac . Will post the AM stalk coz I am in waffle mode , anyway I enjoyed it .
Cheers Trapper


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Nice report Trapper, congrats on your first munty.

l live within 20 miles of the forest yet never stalked there, never fail to see deer there when l am passing through.


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thanks bud , you live in a tremendous area , used to go to Thetford in my military days , never got to truly look at the place , cept holes n stuff!!!.
on my way in found a roe doe by side of the road ! fresh dead, by north stow RTA I presume , dragged her away and reported to basc HQ, on arrival , shame in her prime, FC/BASC operate a deer calming operation in the area, Rumble strips on the road to slow down traffic (A1109).
so to any readers in the area !! watch out eh! there's a good kid!. coz I seriously thought that there is a kid ,out there that is also doomed!!.

cheers Trapper


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l know the road well, sometimes when we dont have much to do we take a drive into the forest just to look at the deer kids love it.

RTA's are very common in and around the forest and also on the increase everywhere, l was out only a week ago attending to a roe, a lot of people are just not aware of the dangers when they are speeding along, all they need is one of the big reds to come through the window and thats your lot.

Just the other day traveling down the A14 the local council was removing 2 red hinds been hit by a lorry.


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Thanks for that Trapper, nice account. I must get around to shooting one of them little buggers one of these days.



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Well done Trapper for losing your virginity on a munty :eek:

You are right about deer around Thetford. I went for an interview there a few years back for a rangers job and was amazed just how may road kills there were. A big stag on the pavement, and 100 yrds further up the road a roe doe, and plenty of munty`s aswell. I reported these to the Rangers, who then go to retrieve them and count them in their cull numbers.

Just outside the commission offices i was stood watching a munty buck and doe, just on the grass verge. Mind you, they know when there safe, as there is some cottages across the road. ;)



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Well done Trapper on your first munty!
I think I know who you are now.
All the best,