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Good to read articles on stalker box and field hygiene products, however i feel a lot of people are missing the point on hygiene especially for deer stalkers and anyone else making game available for the food chain.

The product available is used by the professional industries such as NHS Hospitals, Fire Service, Police Forensic Labs, Vets, Doctors, Stud farms & stables, Battersea cats & dogs home, kennells and ceteries around the country and worldwide.

Many of the products available to the general public are, according a test report published in the Daily Mail are NOT effective against diseases especially H5N1, Weil's Disease, Lymes Disease etc and are designed for use around the home as where this product is designed for commercial use.

Yes it is more costly per unit than many of the products mentioned but then you need twice/three times as much as they have no or very little lasting residual effect on surfaces. for example TriGene Advance self mix disinfectant can be left outdoor in troughs etc and will be active for 6 months unlike many others which will last for approx 72hours.

Hand gels also leave a residual effect on the skin lasting for many hours by killing ant viruses on contact unlike shop bought products which are effective for minutes.

The Stalker Box is NOT designed to be carried around the hill side but for leaving in your shoot vehicle so as it is always handy whether out in the field or back at the larder and will keep all product dry and ready for use.

I am sure you have read the full contents list and see that it is not only hygiene products but also first aid kit, high level insect repellent (Ticks).

Wether you agree with the DSC level 1 courses or not there is a large section on hygiene which by doing the course you have a responsibility to adhere to and the reason for this box is to make it easy and simple, there is NO other product on the market in the UK and poss in the world like this.

Thanks for your views and comments and look forward to hearing more



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Hi Fresco,
From your informative post you have a personal interest in the stalker box? Could you please post the data sheets of the products? Fellow stalkers will then be able to carry out strict hygiene according to food hygiene regulations and not be fobbed off by game dealers trying to pay even less for carcasses claiming spoilage etc.


hi Morena
Yes of course i can, where i best to post, on here or my website? my website may be easier.

Will also post the DEFRA Approval certificate for the Trigene Advance Product.

Yes have a real interest in Stalker Box etc..... I am MD


Managing Director

P.S i am also a shooter and have been for 20+ years so understand the needs of shooters etc.
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