Stalking abroad proof of vaccination


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Trips were cancelled last year , who knows for this year .
Proof of Vaccination will probably be required.

Question :has anyone successfully navigated the NHS site/app ? Email , passwords,
Proof of ID involved, passport photo, video of self counting four numbers . Certainly jumping through hoops it seems . They'll let me know in 24 hrs apparently.

White Hart

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Its easy enough to sort the NHS App, you get a bar code its not a one time deal though lasts 30days. You just need a passport or driving licence to hand when you do it.


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Yes, it's a bit of a faff to get sorted but it is actually pretty good and you can get the covid proof (and much else besides) really simply.


Heym SR20

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For decades when travelling to many parts of the world you have needed Yellow Fever vaccine proof. I see COVID as no different. I really don’t see why they couldn’t produce a card with a stamp. Yes there is now an NHS app, or an NHS Scotland App but whether border guards in other countries will accept these - well feck knows.

This will require a diplomatic process of reciprocal recognition. Something that our current bunch of idiots seem singularly incapable off.

Was chatting with a friend at the weekend. He has been travelling on essential business both into Europe and Africa and he tells me with the current paperwork and Apps etc is a complete minefield and that its a complete lottery whether or not you get accepted for a flight or not.


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For events in UK it seems fairly straight forward . However proving your ID for a foreign country is not so easy. My first attempt was rejected ,photo blurred, will try again.


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Ok finally registered and identity checked with NHS app.
I can see why they want to be thorough in Identifying you . You can access your medical record as well.🧐
Useful for when FAC is ready for renewal.

Now got my vaccination certificate ready to go hunting.this autumn....fingers crossed.🤞.


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Just come back from Italy got the UK NHS app (and I'm running the NHS Covid app) then got the Italian covid app (switched of the UK NHS covid)
You notify the regional office of the area that you are in and email them your passenger location form and attach the proof of vaccination from the NHS app (not the covid app)
Great Boar and Porcupine hunting over there as well as Fallow and Red Fox