Wanted: Stalking around Selkirk area


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I'm working up on the Bucceuch estate at Bowhill the week beginning 9th Jan. I'd like to take my rifle and have a day out, cull stuff is fine. Anybody got any recommendations?


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Surely, you don't have to look far, catch up with Kevin Hay who is the head stalker on Langholm for Buccluech.....


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I may be wrong but think kevin only does the langholm estate.
Buccleuch have a fancy website it might tell u on it about any stalking available, i think it is just all inhouse for timber priiduction thou.
There is a new shooting tennant, well relatively new, someties they can take the stalking rights as well as game rights, Stuart ?? can't remember his last name now, is the head keeper/shooting holder and his son
But Jan could be a bad time as still be busy shooting.

Will jamross of here not be failry close to that area? slightly west anyway