Available: stalking available on red hinds in scotland


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one week available 14-21st nov red hinds.
I have stalked on this particular estate the last 2 years, great fun and plenty of deer.

non profitable , i have a friend just pulled out due to work commitments.

we share the stalking , guided stalking with you and i stalking together with him.

one day you will stalk guided on the next estate without me , plenty of fallow on this day.

only serious interested people please contact me , or i will just stalk on my own if too many time wasters not worried, just thought its a good chance for someone to get some stalking in scotland very reasonably priced.

regards kernow69
If I wasn't so busy with work at the moment I'd definitely be going on this trip. Sounds like a good deal
Hi Kernow69

Is this still available myself and a friend both DSC1 and FAC holders could be free please drop us a line with costs etc. are there any BB close by
Chaps, apparently this is still available. I know the guy organising this trip and everyone going on it. Whoever gets to go will have a great time, I am sure.
Food and accommodation is included. Help with transport up to Scotland might also be a possibility depending on your location.
This would be an ideal opportunity for someone to experience a week of guided hill stalking in a beautiful part of Scotland, without breaking the bank. Could be great way for a novice to gain more stalking experience.