Stalking books from a car boot today


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Just wondering if anyone has heard of these books I got from a car boot today? Not super duper bargains as the old lady knew what she was talking about since her late husband was a stalker, but not bad prices none the less and we had a nice chat too.

3 of them have that lovely 'old book' smell like they've been sat on her library shelf for years and years!! :D

Six pointer buck - David Stephen
Young or old - Herbert Krebs - 1st English edition 1966!! Mostly identification of Roe by the looks of it
Deer stalking - P. R. Chalmers - 1984
Field guide to British deer - F J Taylor Page of The BDS - 2nd Edition 1971




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Young or Old By herbert krebs. great book. A must read in the 70s . I think i gave away a copy of The field guide to british deer to someone here on the SD


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I have a copy of Six Pointer Buck , while its an interesting enough read , it can hardly be described as a stalking book.
It follows the life of a Roe buck and while well written some of the statements need to be taken with a pinch of salt I.M.O.

David Stephen was a credible naturalist, but much of his writing had a slightly anti bias.


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Cheers guys I can't find any info on the Krebbs book but the field guide is quite interesting and the info is well presented and pretty straightforward. I didn't realise the 6 pointer book was a story, it'll give me something to read now the nights are pulling in I spose!!