Stalking Clothing And Public Image


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Im a believer in tweeds,+4s for stalking shooting etc I realy struggle with the full como thing Yes each to there own..... but when i bump into the ever so intrusive public i come across like a country chap not someone out of rambo.
Whats your view


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Took the kids to the village fete to day saw a few tweed jackets and a whole load of combats on the villagers (something to do with Fashion statements) funny thing is not one of them shoot or fish to my knowledge

So i dont think it can be my camo people turn there nose up at must be the fact i dont wash it ...........LoL

I think camo and tweeds both have there place (I just wish They wernt so in fashion ) i Work hard to look like this.



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I tend to wear a bit of both (breeks and realtree jacket usually). What I like about the modern 'civilian' patterns is the fact that you don't look like a military wannabe. Not that we get too many public around here once you get more than 200 meters from the road.

Aside from public opinion, we all know what really matters...keeping still, staying quiet, avoiding skylines, wind direction and no UV whiteners in the wash (proud to say that my current breeks are 10 years old and have never seen the inside of a washing machine...just mind you stand upwind)


Br eeks and a drab colored jacket and i might add the same as Joe i rarely wash the jacket :D good job we work the wind when stalking.

Andy L

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I am a wearer of both. Tweed is incredibly warm but bloody heavy when wet. I tend to wear cammo in the summer and more tweed in the winter.

My local area at the moment has been invaded by all manner of Khaki and Cammo wear this weekend. It is the War & Peace show and they are everywhere. I can't quite work them out. I am in the garage buying a newspaper yesterday and I am standing next to a bloke with a beret with a bobble on the top, a woollen Khaki tight fitting army top and a pair of khaki shorts. I nearly asked him if he knew what he looked like! :lol: I then drove out of the garage and nearly got run off the road by some kind on armoured personnel carrier. It is just mad.
What I want to know is, are they Army wannabes, ex-army or just mad!!! They turn up 2 weeks before the show starts, unbelievable.
Sorry, gone off thread a bit!

The Mole

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British Army DPM is pretty much universal these days, and the Great British Public is well used to it. You'll se more of it in town than in the country at times! Unless it's worn in conjunction with face veils, rifles, and machet-length knives, of course, then it gets a bit more alarming to the casual onlooker.

Drab greens and Realtree for me.


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This season (I har is mostly wearing jahti jakt) Got em from the deal in basc magazine 10 items DOGS bxxxks quality, and well made , I pushed out the boat coz I was getting fed up with the purchases from EBay , inferior stuff that always disappointed ,However my dpm stuff is still brill and wont go in the bin.


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i wear camo/realtree for shooting/stalking and my tweed suit for driven days/picking up.i would never turn up on a driven day without a shirt/tie and tweeds never camo but thats my thing.each to there own and all that is just how i have been bought up.

paul k

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I'm pretty much with Tika.308 here, I use Realtree and have largely abandoned my previous loden jacket and breeks except when driven pheasant shooting.

The acid test was when stalking recently I saw a dog walker coming towards me and rolled off the track a few yards and lay still, she walked straight past me.

I am a bit careful about appearing in public with too much camo on. I used to stalk an area right next to the A23 and could see with some amusement the reaction of early morning commuters to seeing a guy with full camo, balaclava and rifle in their headlights! I was really surprised not to get checked out by the boys in blue but it never happened - at least not there. I was checked out by the plod when stalking close to Winchester a few years ago blue lights and all. No dramas once they'd seen my permission and FAC.


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I use realtree for beating and rough shooting (+ stalking next month) but always shirt, tie and flatcap for any driven invites and beaters day. The only tweed i have is my cap and i use that with both.

Bandit Country

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Andy L said:
I am standing next to a bloke with a beret with a bobble on the top,

If you are describing the headgear that Michael Caine wears in 'None but the Brave' I do believe the technical term is a "Tam o'Shanter" - and you have just gone right to the top of the Gordon Highlanders hit list! May God have mercy on your soul. :)


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i wear my normal cloths (for that day) and throw on my 2 piece Advantage timber net suit over the top with cap and gloves

Im not there to be dressed to satisfy the publics sensitive feelings, I'm there to do a job and to provide for my family.

Once a dog walker was walking towards me as i was hid in the bushes and when he got close i moved on purpose as i thought the dog was going to go mental when it sensed me.

i obviously startled him and when i let him have his say about " how i shouldnt be dressed in a terrorist type way" :p .... i then firmly asked him to leave the land he was on and pointed out to him where he went wrong on the public footpath about 4 fields away.

However on returning to my village where i live i tend to take off the camo gear before i walk into the chip shop :D


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Day Glo Baseball Cap worn backwards, desert boots, Jeans, bright orange and purple Urban combat jacket, face painted with camo thats the way to go 8)

The future has arrived regardless of what those old stuffy tweed covered dinosaurs think ... :p

Funnily enough tho, I was reading a judgement of an old case concerning two guys who had their rifles seized by the old bill and certificates revoked, the main reason being they looked like "American Duck Hunters", this judicious bit of reasoning came from a senior officer in the Cumbrian Constabulary... left me speechless .. luckily the Judge at the appeal was also of a sensible disposition, but gave a bit of a comment that the public do have preconeived ideas and you need to be aware of this when out hunting... :rolleyes:


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Grant I think you may well of seen over the months I have posted I rarely appologise unless in one of my egotiscal outbursts I have managed to personally offend someone unintentionally.
What I was saying however was that in this day and age, like it or not we have to be aware of the reactions of the public at large, the government has hyped all this anti terror bollox so much that are liberties are already under these gits suffering serious curtailments.
Fortunately with the current love affair of food and drink programmes we are getting some good publicity it only takes one muppet toscrew it up for all ofg us doesn't it.. look at Hungerford and Dunblane, one individual responsible each time.


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I wear tweed for Pheasant shooting. Green mole skin for our buck season . Härkila jacket and trousers with Goretex for all the winter dog hunting. Also use Swazi vest and shirt in the winter because it gets jävle cold here. That Swazi gear is the muts nuts.
When i lived in England i never gave a flying #¤!k what the public thought . Come to think about it i still don't.
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