Stalking Database - Beta Version Ready

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I've been liasing with JAYB. After a couple of months of work a beta version of this is ready for testing.

Given what people initally said they wanted it to do, it was apparent very quickly that it would need to written as a database rather than a spreadsheet.

I now need a few people to stretch it's legs before we release it properly.

So, I need the great and the good from the site to get in touch with me but :

1. You will need MSAccess 2000 or later to run it, MSExcel will NOT run it.

2. Only get in touch if you are an established member who we can trust to delete test versions when they are finished with. You'll be a regular poster of long standing. You'll probably be one of those who offered help when the project first started.

If you are a new/recent member be aware that this project was insitgated by the site's new owners so is under pretty tight control and I won't put it into general circulation until we are happy with it. So NEWBIES please don't ask for a copy, or make any kind offers to help at this stage. It will be made available to all in due course.

3. You don't need to know anything about IT or database design.

4. Those of you who kindly donated ideas, cull records etc to help define all the various fields, I wanted to let you know I have now deleted all the PM's and files I was sent to keep us right on Data Protection / ethics and confidentialty. Thanks for the input, it was invaluable.

5. I going to give you 7 days to play with it, after that I'll make any changes/fixes needed. Thereafter I need to get on with some real work.

6. I'll need to email the file to you, so I will need an email address. I'm away until tomorrow night so I'll be in touch with any takers then.

Best etc,



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Brill idea..wish i'd been in earlier to participate in the discussion. That'll teach me for slinking off fishing :lol:


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Don't worry, its getting tested now and then should be available.

And where exactly are you that you have had so little rain this year you've been able to get out fishing! I have cancelled so many trips the last few months that I've given up planning them.


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Ayshire / South lanarkshire, Scotland. Been fishing a few salmon rivers but mostly kayak fishing in the sea. The bass fishing has been good this year.

All this rain isn't so bad - may have put a dampner on the stalking and some fishing, but the wildfowling promises to be a bumper year!


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Hi Guys

I've had a few bits of feedback - can my guinea pigs hustle a tad and get their final thoughts to me so I can get any changes made and let it loose.

Thanks, S.
New Avon Arms