Wanted: Stalking experience advice.

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Hello everybody,

Quick bit of background, Im a 20 year old who has a DSC level 1 and I've just bought my first .243.

However I have a problem! In September I'm going into the navy as a mine clearance diver, I was planning on doing a BASC cull week on the Isle of Arran, but that has squashed that idea!

So the problem is thus, I have less than three months to shoot my first deer, on a tight budget, before disappearing for several years with the navy.
Does anyone know of any places in Wales that are good for a budget?
Any insider tips on procurement of stalking?

Any advice would be very welcome!

Eric the Red

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I would talk to Herbert on here who has a good reputation and not too far for you. This time of year is fun, but stalking tends to be a little harder - (a) lots of foliage and (b) little in season - just Roebuck and Muntjac. Wait til August and the choices expand. If you get no joy from him, please PM me and we'll see if we can't sort you out.

E t R


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Thanks Eric! I'll bear that in mind and i'll drop you a line in August if I haven't sorted it.
Thanks again,

paul k

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+1 for Herbert, he's based near Leominster with both roe and muntjac. Another option would be Elmer Fudd who is a very decent bloke and has mostly fallow near Monmouth with a good chance at a pricket in August but also a few muntjac there and some roe over near Bristol.


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Hi Jack

If you know what my name means I will let you come to the Mull of Kintyre with me might be august.


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