Wanted: Stalking for soldiers


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Looking to get a few select soldiers away for some cheap stalking and get them in to the sport. This will be for complete novices but with bags of enthusiasm. Possibly a group of 5 or 6. We may get some funding for it but just putting feelers out at the moment to see if there is any available at minimum cost, we do not have rifles or kit but can bring fun and laughter to the party and a willingness to learn. If anyone has any ideas where we can look or can offer anything it would be greatly appreciated.


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Dom the best bet would be to phone around your local estates. I'm sure somewhere in your officers mess there is someone who's family owns land that might be willing to help you out


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Got a guy here who is with DDM and yes that's the case, seems to be an exclusive club, I applied to join a few years ago and was told no as i had less than 5 years to serve. C'est la vie.

dave 67

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Give Chris Dalton a bell at South Ayshire stalking,last time I was up he had a group of Army people in doing an introduction to stalking course,think that may have been part funded but don't quote me on it.
They were Royal Signals and one of the guys was doing a write up for the Wire about their trip.


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how do, +1 for chris dalton always got raf/army/gurhka groups up there stalking and chris is ex forces himself, hope this helps graeme


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My local pub raised £1690 for an Argyll who needed a special wheelchair and on presentation of the chair to the chap another regular trebled the total.
That saved a drinks tab for a banker?
Hi Dom
Try Jim over at DGVM. Top bloke and very helpful with services. I myself am former Blues and Royals and do most of my stalking with him. He normally has some serving or ex services stalking his patch. Good thing is I think he is local to you!