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Hi all,
Being slightly folically chalanged i have been searching for a good allround hat for shooting, I usually carry a wooly hat for cold and a boony for when i need a brim.
I spoted a deerhunter cap in the sportsmans add in shooting times, it's a sort of cap crossed with a deerhunter with fold down ear flaps that cover the neck as well, Reduced in the sale i thought i'd try one and i'm very happy with it, i had it on last night when i called in at a keeper freind of mines house and he has bought 2 today.



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I'd like to tell Johnny Bloody Kingdom where he can put that hat..maybe then he'll stop talking out of his arse!

Summer hat :

Winter hat:

i've used the winter hat in really cold conditions in Norway. Both hats are great kit.

Incidentally - for those seeking a light stalking jacket that can generally be abused without fear of damaging the bank balance:


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I use a wide brimmed felt hat from Christies of London. I wore one out completely (6 yrs) and have just bought a new one. Called the explorer i think and cost about 25 quid. Ta



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some rather large member on this sight mentioned the stupid hat and person who wears it . Now 222cwd and ellie are looking for one but i promise you if it turns up it will get shot i can look a pratt without the hat at the best of times . But i will say without the person concerned the sight would nearly collapse and we would be missing a knowledgeable input on many subject as well as the humerus side and t he dedication he has for worth while charity work both on and of the sight MUDDY
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