Stalking in Kent/Essex needed

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Hi all and Merry Christmas.

Fairly new to the area of Kent and Essex and i am looking for some land to stalk over.

Prepared to either help in kind for the stalking or pay may consider a syndicate depending on the members.

Experienced shooter and stalker, fully insured and very sensible.

Suggestions offers would be greatly appreciated.



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Oh I do love these threads! J Matthews, it smacks of desperation somewhat that you’re dredging up posts from 2008 looking for stalking. You have entered a forum full of deerstalkers, the vast majority of whom are fairly protective of their stalking (that is if they are even lucky enough to have their own land) for fear of someone coming along and taking it from under them. You have joined a queue and you are a long way to the rear of it. I wish you well, but if all your posts are going to be begging for stalking I doubt very much if you’ll be getting very far, it takes time, effort, contacts, trust, not just requests on a forum with tonnes of “competition”
sorry if that all sounds damning but hey.

paul o'

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:eek: Land in ESSEX :rofl: Your need more than a happy to tag along your need a big hand full of £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ and a cold hart to take away some others little plot .Trust me i Know how the £50 notes can sway heads . Good luck in finding some but if you do :norty: i would be happy to tag along with you .:tiphat:
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