stalking in poland


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Hi Guys,
l recently lost my dad who was polish and would love to honour him by stalking in poland .l know there is the usual outfitters like diana and such like , but does any of you guys have any suggestions on any other outfitters, guides etc and the best regions to hunt for deer and boar




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The chap you want to speak to is Bob Kwisiuk on 01858-433565 or 07710 314011.
As you can guess by the name he is Polish and has some good contacts, he is primarily a Wild Boar arranger with no trophy fees but has enough contacts to be able to fix something up for you.
He is a Game Dealer (pheasants) and has a business up round Market Harborough but give him a ring, tell him I suggested you ring and I'm sure he will be able to do something, Oh, he is not a rip-off merchant either!
I have been to Poland with him a few times and have been well looked after.


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Ladystalker, are you considering this year, or next? I have some Finnish friends who are coming over this season and they probably know some people you can get in touch with.


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I will make some inquiries for you through Malcolm and get back to you in the next few weeks. He sends his regards to you and your husband and is looking forward to seeing you later in the year.