stalking in the morning


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Hi all,
Just thought i would let you know that i am off stalking in the morning in the snow 8) , nothing new to you northerners but to me in north devon its a rare treat, so sod work :eek:
So long as the old hi lux will get me there :lol:


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wot Andy your not out stalking in the morning.............
my boss phoned me tonite and told me not to bother coming into work, as there was not much i could do
so guess where i am in the morning


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Hi Mark
Nice morning to be out, those reds will be glowing like beacons standing in the woods in the sun. 8)
I got to work this morning (no escape) let us know how you get on.



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Well what a difference a few hours makes!!
Living on top of a hill HILLCREST ROAD not the best place to try and get out of when it snows 4" deep didn't even attempt to get out stalking it would have been a waste of £250 on my insurance excess .Just as well the neighbours bmw x5 didn't look so good after hitting the tree opposite the junction :lol: have just come back from sledging with the kids great fun :D .
i even dug out my snow camo been in the loft for 15 years :eek:
Will try again tomorrow morning as i have the morning off to attend a conference/course between/by the FC and DI sorry dont know many details but sounds interesting will let you know if any new gossip turns up.
ATB mark.


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You jammy buggers, like Wayne I had no escape, bloody Land Rovers.

Would of loved to get out for a stalk in the snow.

Jonathon ( at work ) :evil:


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never had snow that bad.... :eek:
but hey who cares :)
i was playing a game in the snow myself
can you guess


i'll help you :evil:

it was called " Roe in the Snow" :lol: :lol:
so far i'm winning :lol: :lol:



that should make your day go quicker Andy :evil: :evil:


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I sat out in the snow ysterday afternoon. Bloody cold. Out came a fallow doe but cold=low reaction speed and removing cover from lens gave her just enough time to cross the ride. 30 mins later a small herd massed behing my highseat at 30m just on the wrong side of the ground I can shoot on. The urge to shoot was strong but you wouldnt need a bloodhound to track who shot across the boundry, just follow the footprints. Had to chuckle as the deer grunted indignantly as they moved off. Lovely evening



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I had the pleasure of being out in the snow yesterday, it was a productive day for once aswell with three Roe does in the larder between my brother and myself. Was hoping for more snow last night but it turned to quite heavy rain instead. Now there is very little snow left but it was good whilst it lasted.


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Hi wayne,
The quad would have been good but the sight of deer hanging off the racks might have upset those in town that are not pro hunters i was only thinking of the greater good or else i would have used it :evil:
Well done stone a very good result and one that you will remember for a long time.
Markh you did the right thing a deer is never worth a dodgy shot no matter how tempting. Just about to try my luck with the missus(no not that sort of luck more chance of stalking) .


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The snow from England is heading this way. So tomorrow night i must plug the tracktor heater in so it will start. So far we hav'nt had much snow but its not been above freezing since Christmas. Its like a skateing rink out in my yard. I love hunting in the snow :D Easy to drive in the snow. studded tyres is what you need ;)


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Snow you , had snow,
JUST A COLD FLURRY WHERE I AM REPLACED BY AN OVERNIGHT VERY HEAVY SHOWER .Followed by a very sunny though chilly day, still at work till thursday. Today would have been ideal , as it will be pants on friday.hey ho


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cervushunter said:
Well done stone a very good result and one that you will remember for a long time.
i will remember this pair for even longer :lol: :lol:

the roe was just a walk in the park, easy stalk, no drag as i could drive right upto it
the fallow were a little tougher and i could only drag one at a time :cry:
but what a way to play in the snow :evil: :evil:


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re snow

got into work early yesterday struggled on the road all day thinking if only i can get home with more snow forcasted i can get out tomorrow :D
it took me 2 1/2 hrs but i got there :lol:
this morning roads clear no Bloody more snow so into work :cry:
STONE i hate you at times :evil: :evil:


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only at times :lol: :lol:
if you want to drive over
i can pop u a carcass into the back of the wagon ;)
sure you must be running out of the good stuff by now :)
just remember it will still hav the jacket on :evil: :evil: