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Happy 2009 to all.

Sorry if I am asking a question that has been covered a squillion times before but being lazy (as previously pointed out) can anyone tell me if there is a Stalking magazine out there?

I take sporting rifle (which I really like) and I also subscribe to a couple of American mags Hunting and Deer & Deer Hunting. Something different and cheap enough. Happy to forward one or 2 on if anyone interested. Would like to get a good GB mag tho.



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there used to be a magazine called "Stalking Magazine" l think, but its gone now, nothing specific only the little mags that the bds bring out.


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My daughter in Australia sends me `SPORTING SHOOTER` magazine each month.
Excellent mag. with articles of Deer, Goat, Pig stalking etc also technical articles.
Write to :-
The Technical Editor, Sporting Shooter, PO Box 33 , Hill End, N.S.W 2850 , Australia for more info.



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Stalking was a great magazine. I'm pretty sure it was (is?) subscription only. The editor (I think) was a chap called Christopher Borthen. I think it was published in Devon but I can't find any references to it. Shame.

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Sad to say that Stalking magazine stopped being published about 5 years ago - there was talk of a buyer when Christopher Borthen decided to give it up, but nothing came of it. There's nothing similar out there now.


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Christopher borthen did run the magazine then sold it to EMAP who do sporting gun and such like, but they deleted it after a while incorporating stalking in other publish cations if i remember correctly .


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For a very short while there was a new Mag' called "Modern Stalking" with it's own web site off the same name. This site has scince been sold and is now "Deer Talking". good mag' and site while it lasted.

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I kept the originals in the hope of them some day being worth a fortune. I had of course been drinking heavily when I thought of that particular pearl :D :D



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Pete E said:
Thar said:
good site while it lasted.
Which was just about long enough to get people to pay a years subcription and then send out just two or three mags :evil: :evil:
Hi Pete

I forgot about that it went tits up after 3 issues. IMHO I don't think the guy ment to con' anybody just that the market was not big enough for the kind of mag' he produced.

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The chap tried his best ans was let down by the advertisers they just didn't pay. The site was never sold it was closed down and the deer talking site has got absolutely nothing to do with Modern stalking ,
The chap that ran the mag was also very disappointed at the attitude of deerstalkers to other types of hunting him being an ardent dog man and still is. I have copies of the original that went out for nothing if any wants one for the sake of it just pm me and send me the postage. ;)