stalking not just about pulling the trigger

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guys got a lot of pleasure to night :eek: went out to look at a patch of land that i stalk which i look out onto from my kitchen window in the spring we counted eighteen deer in one field just picked it up it has not been stalked for years . anyway had the boy with me who is nearly seventeen and is putting in for his rifle and shotgun tickets we walked up the side of the big wood wind in our faces stopping every now and again and using the butalo saw a young doe that came out to have a look and went on her way got to the top of the wood and called again the boy said dad theres two deer far side of the field binoed them doe and a reasonable buck kept calling another doe appears from side of wood and makes her way to the buck and doe called a bit more and a big buck appears far side of field making his way to the three deer suddenly tears across at smaller buck and chases him off about 80 yds in front of us the lad has the binos at the time and says dad thats an old buck thick neck greyish in colour etc hence thats what gave me the pleasure being able to take him out teach him to manage our deer in a proper manner we slid off back down the side of the wood both pleased that we saw those two bucks on our patch and myself that the boy aged that big buck and wishing id started at his age . hope this was not too drawn out just wanted to share the experience .

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Nice post Rd. Brought to mind the title of an old Moody Blues song about "watching & waiting". Apposite for both your young man and the idea that stalking isn't just about the trigger work.


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it was the title of this thread that said it all for me
as tonight i went out and did again what i did last sunday
whilst stalking a paticular patch last sunday a good buck may even of been in trophy class was stood out on the field couplle of peeps with the buttalo and over he came, let him go off and peeped him again this time he came within 5/6 yards , let him go again, then called, again over he came and this time stood barking at me no less than 10yards
tonite did almost the same thing with another buck , as i was after fallow i let the brother in law take the shot offered but no he was in the same frame of mind to me
we had stalked this buck and then called the buck into 15 yards for the shot
both had decided we hav done enough to make it a memorable night with out the need to cull such a fine beast
i love stalking and being out in the countryside, the shot is just a bonus of a good stalk


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Very late for a calf! very late!
Still if you witnessed it , Who's to argue, nice photo,

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Agree with the title of the thread totally.

So much so that a couple of weeks ago, took my wife out at 5am with her DSLR camera, me with nothing more than my Roe calls, binos and cammo. She has been learning photography, and really loves wildlife photography.

As I spotted and called in 3 Roe bucks she got some truly awesome photos of them.

Some of the photos are going to be printed at 18" x 12" and find their way onto the walls of our lounge and hall / stairs / landing.

Although I have to admit to feeling that there was something missing (i.e. my rifle!) I have to say that it was probably one of the most enjoyable stalks I have done - seeing someone else experience and thoroughly enjoying getting very close to a beautiful wild creature that the vast majority of people in this land have never seen (or just never noticed!) in their lives.

My wife enjoyed it so much that she has written it up in a Word document - if anyone is interested in reading it, let me know.

Getting back to the subject of the thread, unfortunately, neither of our 2 sons (now both in their 20's) are showing any interest in shooting. So I'm somewhat saddened that the family tradition (love of the countryside, shooting and providing wild food for the family) that was handed down to me from my Dad to will probably end in our family when I eventually hang up my boots and rifles, or pop my clogs, whichever comes first!

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