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Hi does anyone know of any outfitters who offer stalking for boar on foot, it's something a friend and myself would like to try. I appreciate it is probably not the best way to hunt boar and the success rate is likely poor. I've enquired with a company in France but the prices they quoted would make your eyes water.
Any help appreciated, thanks
A hunter in our village does this, he has lots of food plots of maize kernels around his area with cameras strapped to nearby trees connecting to his phone so when he gets a ping off the phone off he goes and stalks into them with his expensive shooting stick, maybe this is at 3 am, then as he was a butcher he sells the boar (normal in the skin price of 60 Euros) but he turns it into leberkase (meatloaf) or meat cuts vacuum bagged and makes over 300 Euros per beast. Then again with his high initial invest & hours of work that's fair enough, he is a tight old git though and hates wasting money.
This would be just the thing, I brought it with me to UK to make a shaft for it while sitting about waiting for tradesmen to appear.
Blacksmith forged from Franconia Germany.


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No doubt but of the huge numbers shot/stuck by foot soldiers every year there is hardly anyone getting touched up here.

A lot of the footage done with thermal and using semi auto the pigs seem to go down very easy thought they would be tougher but those 223 seem to really anchor them?

Appreciate not on foot but interesting, out there there maybe still a very fine cup and wonder if raf still have it or it’s history?
Anyways it involved some steel🤷🏽‍♂️