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Hi all, There appear to be multivarious ways in which remuneration to the land/leaseholder of land on which deer roam can be arranged, from
a/ the gun being given a free rein to take deer and remove it w/o payment, in lieu of costs incurred and as a 'reward' for culling unwanted beasts and
b/ having to pay through the nose by the day/outing, pay for the carcass, pay funny money for gold stags, etc.
I'm just starting out (have my DCS1 :D but haven't taken a deer yet :( ) and am approaching landowners for simple cull animals but would like to have some sort of lease terms structure in my mind when talking to them for the first time. The last thing I want is to be asked how I would expect it to be arranged financially and then, through ignorance, either pay more than I need or be blown out of the water by not meeting the landowners' expectations at the first hurdle.
Has anyone out there put together a template or summary that covers all angles and that they would be prepared to 'share with me' - no I'm not a yank - by PM of publicly?
Thx v much in advance.

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samples of completed templates, syndicate agreements

A great starter for ten :D , Willie, for which many thanks.

If anyone out there has an old lease agreement, completed but with location identifying data deleted, and would be prepared to send me by PM, that would assist also. (At the rate I'm going, it looks as if it'll be next season :cry: before I get going properly but old Chinese? proverb say "slowly, slowly catchee monkey"

:confused: :idea: And I suppose the next step would be a sample syndicate agreement or a web link? Any pointers, anyone?