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Hi everyone,
Iv been reading through some older posts regarding how newcomers to the sport go about finding stalking permision. Most of the guys were saying that its taken them up to 20 years to get the permision they need to provide a good level of sport. Call me inpaitent but i an't got 20 years to wait. Im 29 years old and cant wait till my kids have grown up and left home and ill be knocking on the Big 5.0 to get my act together!! I understand the constraints faced here but this is making me question wether or not im going to get on in stalking like i do in fishing for example. This bothers me because im mad keen to get into the sport and have been for some time. I'v looked on the www. and will shortly be speaking to but beyond them i cant find many leads. I dont move in the loop of farmers and forest rangers etc being a "town lad" :(

Its a bit like someone asking me to deliver a whale to their doorstep. I know their out there, in the sea enall, but God knows how id bring one in!!
this is all quite distressing, any help would be much appreciated.


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Hi Dan
I was in the same boat as you, all the will in the world and no where to go every farmer i approached, already had someone doing the stalking.
I was even used as a lever to get a stalker on one landowners land to do his job or i was going to be allowed to it, still waiting and thats been a year now. Even done my DMQ1 and have now completed my DMQ2 which has cost me over £1500.
But with a bit a luck i have managed to get two places where i can go now one place is were i go beating, some deer have shown up and i was asked if i could remove them and the other is a farmer where i do vermin control for, he has bought some more land and you guessed it, it has deer on it and to him there vermin so come on Mr policeman clear the land for .308.
One thing i have learned if you do the farmer a good turn he will do the same for you, start at the bottom ask him if you can control his Rabbits, crows, rats and pigeons go beating you will see whats in the woods and get to know them.
If you are going to spend money on stalking be careful ive been told they where here yestarday many a time when handing over £120 notes having not seen any.The best place ive spent my money is with Jelen deer services (5 different days, stalked 7 deer and shot 6)
I hope this helps in your quest for the holy grail (LAND OF YOUR OWN)