Stalking scope needs service, broadhurst and clarkson


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Hi all,
my old broadhurst and clarkson really could do with good lense cleanse or polish,
any one know of any where that would help with this??

also could do with a case made for another telescope that's a b and c also anyone no of decent saddler ??

all the beast nick


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Cost agreed IRO in advance, for what I required (for a telescopic sight) entirely reasonable, and I guess would vary according to the complexity of the work involved.

Taking into consideration that Richard is in the business for a living the best thing to do is just to ask him for a specific quote giving as much detail as possible, I think there is a guide to his prices for binocular repair & refurb on his website.

And as 8x57 has said there is Paul Burke and others as well.

Allow for your carriage both ways, RMSD 2kg 2 x £11.00, or cheapest courier + VAT.

Should have saved mine to post some pictures, perhaps you can do that with yours ?

All the best, S


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You are in Scotland? Use Glasgow Binocular Repairs, 93 Hope St, 0141 248 7179. Next door to Glasgow Central Station. A very knowledgeable chap...a 'scope expert. Highly recommended.