Available: Stalking Skills Training Day with Stalking School in Moray

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Stalking School
Training Day
19th August 2012​

No Denzil Washington or Ethan Hawke, just the Stalking School. However -

This One Day Session is designed to help you develop key stalking skills in some of the areas that repeatedly seem to cause problems –

Knife Care & Sharpening
Rifle Maintenance
Optics Care, Adjustment and use
Approach Techniques
Shot Site Assessment

Pricing –

£160 per person
£145 per person Special Rate*

* special rate applies to anyone who has
booked another course with us at anytime! (ie past, present or booked and paid deposit for future)

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE will be a Lansky 4 Rod sharpening set and a complete Stalking School Rifle Cleaning Kit ( combined retail value £120+ ) - both of which feature in the demonstrations.

Picts 2012 020.jpg

The day will run from 10Am to 5 PM and be formatted into a series of modules through which groups will rotate.

Limited availability; a deposit of £50 will be required to secure your place.

Aimed at removing the mystery surrounding these core skills, and ultimately to save you money, frustration and time. Ideal for the newcomer or as part of your DSC Level 2 preparation. Available as a gift certificate.

See us at Stand P8, Pheasant Row Scone

email – info@stalkingschool.co.uk
We had a few similar queries on this - so my apologies that could have perhaps worded original better.

The cost for the day includes the kit listed above - ie for £145/£160 you leave the day with the cleaning kit/ knife sharpener etc to approx value of £120+ - you do not need to purchase separately or pay anything extra.

4/5 places available at the moment - contact via the website or PM.
Thank you to all those who expressed interest and the guys that we had up on Sunday. It proved a great event and there is now a pool of super clean rifles and razor edged blades out there!:D

We will certainly hold another session in the near future.

Taking feedback from people, there is quite a list of topics that attract interest. A number of these do not readily translate to things we can demonstrate in a session such as this and quite a few we simply never would have thought of!

The day format works well with 4 or 5 topic sessions and we are happy to arrange future events to cover areas of interest.

Many people asked about rifle/ range work - we felt this was best covered in the range sessions we offer already. But we take our lead from the customers.

One item that came up as a bit of a surprise was 'midges' - or rather managing a range of crawling and flying 'wee beasties' - which in seriousness do turn many outdoor activities into purgatory up here. So its on the table.

If you have any specific requests, please PM or e mail on info@stalkingschool.co.uk

Many thanks.