stalking sticks


Looking on net for a new stalking stick and doing away with the harris bipod can anyone give me any feed back on what they use .

thankyou amber243


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I have a tri pod from bushwear and 2 sets of green garden poles from b&q bolted together in pairs have a look at the shop adds on the home page sticks for sale on there



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Get a martingail ring from your saddelry and two of the long plastic coverd garden cains push both cains through the ring and you have a good set of stalking sticks you dont have to mess arround with. If you want to pimp them up a little put some pipe lagging on the top and spery them with black paint to make them comoflaged. My telescopic sticks packed in after a while and would slide closed when you dont expect it. this is potentialy a danger so I kicked them in to touch. I would keep the harris on for when you need it you wont notice the differance if shooting from sticks.



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I used to use this method. I pinched one of those wrist bands from the wife (you know the cancer ones). Wrap that around the top of the canes and it is rigid as well.



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I use a two-pole rig from Bushwear

The major advantage of these is that they telescope for storage or travel

In the past I have experimented with one- and three-pole variants

Neither, however, is as quick and stable as the two-pole



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As a novice Swampy recommended the garden canes to me with some bike innertube as ajoint, I picked up about 10 hair elasitics off the girls bedroom floor and they work ok total cost under a fiver, so not to desperate if I loose them.


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stay angry, the polecats are a tripod but the third leg sets itself virtually. The bushwear/x3m1 type are a bit of a wrestle and noisy. With a tripod I have been able to take foxes out to 160ish standing. It really is that stable. I dont sell them either :lol: ;)


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Green garden canes held together with innertube rubber, l have used them for years, they dont push closed when you least expect them to and if you leave them somewhere you aint lost much, l still have my harris on the rifle for the prone/sitting shots if they arise.


Two lengths of hazel nice and quite cant be doing with all the tripod by pod pish cut them to your length if you 5 ft then cut then 4 inch lower or about eye level and fasten them together you have a perfect shooting platform .May i add at this point if you are taking your bi pod off as a swap then do a bit of practising off the sticks

They can be used to hang a beast on for a while to do a bit of draining.



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I use two Hazel sticks held together with a strip from an innertube, then I have a length of 1/2" rope twice the length of the sticks with a 4" loop on each end.
Both loops are put over the top of the sticks when being carried.
When I get to a position where I suspect I may need to take a shot, I drop one loop off of the sticks and tread on it, bracing the sticks forward to form a tri-pod.
Once the shot is taken the rope can be used as a drag rope or a suspension rope for gralloching.
I normally carry two ropes as I may use one to hang a carcass in a tree and carry on stalking.
Hazel sticks cost nowt and when dry, banged together, sound more like two bucks clashing than the mettallic clang of those awful garden canes.


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I bought a 2.4 metre length of 35mm hard wood dowel, cut to my height ,2 metres, cut a hemisphere on one end and a blunt tip n the other, then got a woodworker with a bench saw to cut it length ways in half.
Then I drilled and counterbored a hole 9 inches from the hemisphere end in the midddle of both and used a 6mm bolt and nut to screw together and the counterbore allowed the nut and bolt to be countersunk. So when you walk along they are in one piece as a stick and when you want a rest you split them to use as stalking sticks. Cost: about £15


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Go to Equestrian supplies shop and pick up a Martingale rubber. They are about 8mm thick with a small slit in them, last for ages. To aid fitting pop it into a cup of hot water for a bit to get it supple so you can get the canes through the small gap.


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Quadpod Sticks??

I use an old camera tripod bought from a car boot sale. They can be set out in a split second and are silent in operation.

Has anyone tried or tested the Quadpod sticks that are advertised in the Shop section of this website.

They look interesting?


For deer stalkers it is important that the sticks they use are not just functional but also very very quick to operate .While some opportunities will last for a long time .Most deer stalking in woodland requires a split decision and that cant be made while opening up a set of quad tripod with slings etc.If you have a window of opportunity at a fantastic buck of only a second you will be very angry at a set of sticks that you need to **** about with. ;) .