Wanted: Stalking syndicate or land to stalk - Norfolk


I am a stalker with my own gun, insurance, Dsc1 and also first aid. I am looking to start my Dsc2 assessments in 2018. I would like to get involved with local deer management , stalking and or land to lease within roughly an hour of Kings Lynn, Norfolk . Happy to carry out vermin control including fox, rabbit, hare & Corvids if required.

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Thanks for the support. It’s a chicken and egg situation. To get enough stalking in for your portfolio requires a lot of paid stalks at £80 to £100 each plus fees for the kill. I suppose part of a syndicate would be the easiest route. Please keep me in mind if you hear any opportunities arise.

Hi all, just updatinq the thread timeline as no joy yet.

Keep knocking , offer other service as well crows moles rabbits etc , and keep it up if you get lucky , as being complacent once u get it will lose it you just as quickly !! Atb Arron