Stalking with the new Ridgeline Storm Smock - Pick yours up at the Deerstalking Fair

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Retailing under £60.00, the new Ridgeline Storm Smock has captured the attention of many professional stalkers, vermin controllers and wildlife photographers.

The new Ridgeline Storm Jacket Mountain Shirt has been designed for outdoor use in extreme cold conditions, and is especially useful as part of a layering system where it can be worn as a mid layer between a warm base garment and a waterproof outer layer if required in extreme wet weather conditions.

The Ridgeline Storm Smock has many unique features and is guaranteed to keep you warm in even the most rugged winter conditions. Side zips of the jacket have a dual function, which allows to be unzipped from the base to allow ease of donning and doffing, or unzipped from under the arm to form a pit zip to ventilate when active. A long sculptured back keeps your behind covered and also ensures your vital organs are kept warm.

Here is what our customers say about the new Ridgeline Storm Smock..but don't just take their word for it...

Visit the Scott Country stand at this weekends Deerstalking fair and try one for yourself!

Find out more about the new Ridgeline Storm Smock on our website.

What customers have to say about the Ridgeline Storm Smock....

As I spend a great deal of my shooting time waiting out for fox’s either in the 4x4 or in high seats warm clothing is essential. I’ve tried a good many products over the years but the problem you come up against is bulkiness, nothing hampers accurate shooting more than not having freedom of movement.

Last year I tried the Ridgeline Storm Smock. Produced for cold dry weather it really came into its own during the really cold spell at the start of the year. A fleecy lining with a windproof outer shell it has the huge advantage of keeping your body heat in without causing moisture to form. I found that even on the coldest days all I needed was a thermal vest and a shirt and the smock did the rest. If rain threatens a slip over waterproof can be used as the smock is only shower proof.

Equipped with two zipped side pockets and a roomy zipped pouch, various venting openings, again zipped, this is the ideal piece of kit for the cold months of the year.

Mike Powell, Professional vermin controller, and magazine feature writer.

As seasonal as our weather is and the more bizzare it gets, when out stalking or even doing wildlife photography, protecting yourselves from the elements is a must nowadays.

I have had many a line of weather proof clothing that all have their uses, but they all have one thing in common, weight. They are ALL too heavy.

When Paul, from Scott Country sent me an email regarding the Ridgeline Storm Smock, my reply to him was "how heavy is it". Light came the reply and you need to wear it close to your skin.

So when it arrived and as instructed, shirt on my back, smock over the top and the requested extremes of weather predicted, I placed myself in my high seat waiting for dusk to fall.

Throughout that 2 hour session in the light rain and freezing wind biting at my face, never once did I feel cold. The smock not only kept me VERY warm but also dry. Without exception, this is the piece of kit you can roll up and stick in your light walking bag and be assured that should the weather turn on you, you have a piece of kit that will keep you warm and dry.

It the one thing that I have on my back most times I am out now, be it photographing wildlife or stalking that elusive red deer, being warm and comfortable under the smock is worth the small price tag it has.

Colin Arthurs, Stalker and Wildlife Photographer

The Ridgeline Storm Smock is the perfect winter jacket for long days in the field. Being fully breathable I can carry lots of equipment and gear and do not feel like I have "boiled in the bag" by the end of my trek.

Stalking elusive wildlife is made easier, as the Storm is lightweight, relatively silent, and when the mercury drops you have the protection from the elements.

Whether you are sitting in a high seat, or crawling over the moor, it is the ideal choice for cold weather use.

Keith Kirk, Professional Wildlife Photographer.
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If you are indeed getting 15yrs from your Buffalo, then that is fantastic.

I also had a Buffalo, but sadly it succumbed to barbed wire and labrador claws a while ago.

It does however make a good base to a labrador bed!

Clearly the Storm is based around the Mountain Shirt idea, and no one will claim it is better than the Buffalo Special Six, however it is under £60.00 and with your SD Discount voucher this weekend....well they are a bargain for the performance, style and durability.