Start of Autum


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I thought the same on Friday night as I watched a doe and twins.
I've saw them umpteen times since late May .. well grown now, the weather has been
kind to them throughout the summer and obviously plenty of scoff
for them.
I used to hate this time of year but actually quite like it now.
I've had an enjoyable buck season so not bothered about shooting anymore now.
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Thanks for asking Denis everything is sorted now i would not run a marathon but i can get out stalking again .My season started well Cadex but ended with a thump lol. But i had back up from group members so still plenty of bucks threw the chiller. Time to enjoy what is still around and see if there are any does that need sorting or not as the case may be.


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Is that where I think it is, going by the size of the kids and the roar of the traffic :D