Stay away you tourists.


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Unless and until, you have fully experienced the Highland Midge, in all its glory, it is difficult to convey just how dreadful they can be.

That short film clip, does very good job. 😲

big ears

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That brings back memories of camping in the Cairngorms at corur bothy. It was a no go zone between 18.00-20.00. I once had to pee in a bottle rather than go outside😂😂


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Glentrool or somewhere near the source of the Tweed, midge heaven. I remember herself trying to shoot a buck 50 yards away but couldn't because eyes full of midges. Dogs in kennels, shut in and sprayed, still whining all night. Fortunately don't bother me too much.


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Rented a holiday cottage in Glen Moriston a couple of years ago as a base for exploring the highlands on my motorbike. Damp mossy birch wood about ten yards from the back door.
Came back from a ride one day about 4:30. Decided to give the bike a wash when it had cooled down. Did that, all was good and then about 6:00 went to have a bath. Made the mistake of leaving the patio doors wide open.....
I only did that once.