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Wanted: Steel picatinny rail for Tikka T3

As the title suggests I'm after a steel picatinny rail for my Tikka T3. Preferably a 10 or 20 moa version as it will be used with a day scope and a Photon Yukon which from previos experience needs the extra elevation to assist with zeroing.


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I couldn't zero my Yukon photon with a 20 MOA rail but could with a zero MOA. Alan Rhone sells what you want from Contessa. I bought mine via eBay and it arrived the next day with screws
I've seen the contessa and that will be what I'll get if there isn't anything second hand out there. It's currently on my HMR with a 20moa rail and is right in the middle of the elevation. On the HMR without the rail I'd never get the elevation correct.


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I have one I have just put up for sale if you want to try it just pay the postage and if it's ok keep it and pay me the diference and if not ok just send it back as it arrived to you just let me know if you do atb craig ps that's if it doesn't sell first
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