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Can anyone recommend a good work boot? I am sick and tired of buying poor work boots from hardwares etc. I'd like to get work boots of the same standard as my meindl's as I'm in them more than any other shoe. Any help appreciated

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Will have a look there, thanks.
No i only stalk for therapy! For a living..... now that would be living.
I should have said in original post, I'm a mechanic of sorts. My meindl's in steel toe would be ideal.


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Check out, plenty to go at there around £60-80. I use KNYOX lace up with a side zip, been pleased with them.


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Get an Engelbert Strauss catalogue.Outstanding work kit including boots and all the stuff ive bought lasts way longer than the usual.


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I got some XLNT boots from arco with protective toe caps but instead of steel they are carbon fibre so nice and light but don't get cold oil and acid resistant soles etc and a real comfortable boot from day 1 . oh and thermal as well
were a bit pricey tho I think about £100 / £120


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In the US, Red Wing has a huge selection of work boots, high, low, insulated and not, oil-proof soles, lug, etc
Georgia Boot is next.

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try either of the boots below

Meindl Waldlaufer Pro Chainsaw Safety Boot

Haix Protector Pro

as comfy as slippers
Thanks for the input lads, I have a pair of Meindl Waldläufer on order as i have had great wear out of my Meindl army gore over the years. I ordered from treeworker over the phone, sound fella, no bother knocking a few quid off. Tip of the hat to you .25-06


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Hiax boots are without doubt the very best boots I've ever owned. I wear them every day and thus have 3 pairs of the Meindl left to gather dust in the attic. I find the Meindl to be quite cold and also very restrictive movement. They are a good climbing boot for arb work but for general work and stalking the comfort of the Hiax boots is very hard to beat.

Kind regards, Olaf