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The Mole

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New to the forum, so I thought I would tap into your collective experience .........

I'm about to upgrade my .308 to something with a synthetic stock (barrel can be stainless or blued, not an issue). I also want to fit a moderator, and do a lot of shooting of the bipod.

I'm tempted by the Steyr Pro Hunter Mountain model, but am very aware of the problems people had with a weak fore end (it could warp enough to touch the barrel). I'm told that the problem has been resolved, but still have a few niggling doubts.......

Has anyone out there had any experience - good or bad - with the Mk 2?


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Steyr sold a shipment of 50 cal sniper rifles to Iran, they got round the arms ban by saying they were police action. Our own government and the US made representations to the German government who give Steyr the go ahead to export them. How long before our lads in Iraq are on the wrong end of one of them 50cals? :cry:

I know of three lads who have pro-hunters and not one of them were above average in accuracy. The worst one could not get below with 11/2 with factory ammo, with hand loads after a lot of development he got it down to 1”.

I would look at a Sako a bit more money but a better rifle IMHO.



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pro hunter mk 2

ipurchased one 12 months ago without moderator it would shoot one hole groups with winchester and my reloads 3shots at a time at 100yds . Then i tried it with mod on still shot as good groups then with a bipod could not hit a mountain let alone a deer sent rifle back to sportsman devon they took some plastick out and sent it back but this did not cure the problem .As i live near Morman Clarke gunsmiths took it in there Mark who works there and i have known since norman started up here glassbedded the action and filled up all the honey combe front end with devcom this has cured the problem but it cost me £175 . The gun now works well shooting one hole groups at 100 yds with or without mod or bipod but obviously a different point of aim . My son went down to bisley resently and other people had mk1 mk2s but nobody could get a good group some struggled for a four inch group they could not beleive how well mine worked but did not want to spend the money to sort it I am very pleased with mine now but if was purchasing another i would go to devon and choose one myself as the consistantsey of the plastick does vary have a look at western park and you will see what i mean as there will be quite a few there MUDDY

mole trapper

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:eek: Now you have got me worried, there must be something wrong with my two as they both shoot very well, with/without mod, but i only shoot off sticks, will have to try them with harris bipod now just to see what happens.


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pro styer hunter

I know that this piece of onfo may not be what your wanting but a couple of years ago i had a 20+year old styer classic in .270, with wooden stock,
fitted with a p.e.s, bypod and 6x42 hungarian schmit, i put this set up together for a conract that i was doing in scotland. The results i were getting were absolutely brilliant especially for a rifle with so many years on its back. Now, i am very bias as i do like my wood on a gun so with the results that i were getting from my old .270 i decided to get another 1 from york guns which is what i did last week, while in there i was talking guns as you do and was told about the pro hunter with plastic stock and about just how flexible and easily the forend touched was the barrel and was advised that if your gonna get 1, get the heavy forended 1. Probly a bit of useless info but just a take on my experience. Wadashot.

Offroad Gary

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i have mountain version in .243 c/w t8 and 30mm 8x56 s&b.

put about 250 shots through it so far.

1st ever shot went 5mm above bull at 100m, then gun got too hot after a further 9.

re-zeroed on second outing and gun grouped well.

subsequent outings groups kept moving within the 4 inch circle but group was always tight.

sportsman took gun back and shaved out stock, and cleaned it properly, confirmed it was ok. shooting 1/2" groups at 100m with 80gn federals.

told me to clean it with copper solvent every time and 1st shot would go 1" high and right, then next shots would be on zero. which it does.

this is true with 100gn rws and 80gn federals, but 100gn federals take 10 shots before they group.

now i just boresnake it after every use and its currently 60 shots after full clean and grouping 3/4" with all ammo.

but the stock does touch the barrell if you press to hard on the gun, then it throws the shot 4" out.

using the set trigger moves the group 1" to the left.

i think the gun is great, but i think something with less flex would be better, but im percevering with mine.

The Mole

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bucksden said:
so did you end up buying one?

Nope - been told by too many people that the foreend flex problem is still there, especially when you weight the barrel with a can & use a bipod - shame, especially at the price. Looking at a Sako 85 instead.


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I don't know where you are in the country and if you are dead set on 308. John Carr at thorne levels has a Sako 75 (i think) synthetic and stainless. brand new for £675. That is a real deal. but it is in 7mm08. Before you dismiss the idea have a look at some ballistics for 7mm08



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I love my 7mm08
would not go back to a 243 now,

John Carr at thorne? that Doncaster? whereabouts as Im only 20 miles away.


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John Carr

Yes he is between Doncaster and Crowle.
I got my 243 lasts year and shot a few deer with it. I was not overly impressed. I already have a 30 cal rifle. Dave from another forum had a 7mm08 and i looked at the ballistics. i thought that it looked really good. I have not shot a deer with it yet but 130 gr bullets at 2900 fps with relatively high density is a top combination. all in a short action.

my 243 will become foxing duty rifle from now on. I cant see me lifting anything else apart from the 7mm from the cabinet for deer stalking.


paul k

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On another tack, I am considering a synthetic stocked rifle but it seems to me that most rifles with synthetic stocks have unblued actions and barrels - has anyone found this a problem in spooking deer?

kevin s

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i have a260 prohunter mark 2 i run 120 grain soft point and i am getting half inch groups at 100yrds a friend of mine has a rem 700 had a shot with it and was getting the same groups with 5 shots


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A mate has one in .223, it is absolute mustard on charlies out to 300yds+, he has had to stiffen the "Floppy-forend" and his is the MKII (upon which the forends are now sorted :rolleyes: ) I was going to get one in .243, but at the last minute, I have opted for a heavy-barrelled HOWA 1500 and it is on order!
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