stickers tee shirts or fleeces

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is any body on the sight any nearer to getting any done as i feel after this last week end in kent they will sell rather well and will be worn with pride around the country shows and people will be able to introduce them selves to other member who would just walk by and not be noticed in the crowd . Any chance by the CLA . Some body must know some body who can supply us as long as the cost is not stupid or we have to buy like 500 to get them done have a fish around out there some body must do them commercially at the right money fishing clubs get them done some where


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I've got a guy who will silk screen print on t shirts for us. I'll get a price and then it's a case of how many and what size.
I'll start a new thread in general discussion when I have the info, perhaps you could register your interest/size and quantity so I can place an order.


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Just a thought guys, its all well and good having a t shirt with the site logo or whatever printed on it if the weather is good so it will be on display but if it is raining or cool then its more than likley going to be covered, if we had a hat it will be worn and on show whatever the weather also more obviouse to reconise other site members.
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