Still Not Sure About The Rut

Harry mac

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Well, I went out this morning directly after finishing my shift at work and decided to give the Cherrywood Call a go. As soon as I'd got parked up and my kit together I set off for a place on the shoot where the keeper has seen a roe buck a couple of times. The buck's not a very popular chap as he's taken to bedding down in the new maize cover crop, flattening some of it. I set myself up with the rifle on the sticks and started to do my sultriest doe impression. After a couple of pheeps I could see some movement in the long grass just off to my left. After a couple more the buck came out of the grass and was looking round for the source of the noise. Well he found it, but I don't think he had time to realise his mistake before I shot him.
He's quite a young buck and I doubt very much he would have been able to compete with an older buck, so he must have thought all his birthdays had come at once when he heard a mating call so close.
Gralloch completed and carcasse secured against fly strike I decided to keep trying my luck at different places along my stalking route, but alas, there were no further takers.


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