Stock repair specialist ?


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Good morning,

I have an issue with my Beretta 687 EELL stock. After driving home after a (very) wet day's shooting, I noted that the stock ends around where they meet the action had swollen slightly so that they protrudes above the action, when they used to be flush to the metal. Stripping down the gun, I saw that there were also thin hairline cracks in the stock ends.

Despite the exterior of the gun being dried off, there must have been sufficient moisture still in the action that the heat of the exhausts of the car have swollen the wood slightly. Lesson learned on that front.

The cracks are easily fixed with glue, but the swelling of the stock above the action, whilst not affecting the operation of the gun, is cosmetically annoying. It would be beyond my skill set to sand them down and refinish the stock, so I was hoping for a recommendation for someone who could work on the stock to bring it back to its former glory. The wood is very pretty so I'd rather not just buy a new stock if possible, despite these being "off the shelf" items from Beretta.

I've attached a photo where you can just make out the swelling.

Many thanks,



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Splendid, thanks. Don't suppose you have a 'phone number or a email address ? Google is not giving up the goods.