stolen dogs

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Copied over from NOBS:

just found this on another forum.

GSD pups stolen

Hi folk, we need your help. 2 Zamp grand children puppies stolen from Iolanda kennels this afternoon. ( Wisbech, Cambs area) Stolen by two young men car reg, kuo2cwe, Ford fiesta.

If any news ring on 01945 587958 or 01945 584145. Any info will be appreciated,

there is a Reward of £2000 for the safe return of the stolen pups, anyone belonging to other forums could you please cross post


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Without a doubt the culprits will be diddi coys, especially in that neck of the woods, it`s bloody rife with em.
It`s obvious that they are using a vehicle that isn`t registered in any form, as the feds would have traced them by now, wouldn`t they??? :confused: . probably not.

Hope they have some luck, but i wouldn`t hold my breath.

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