Stolen Weihrauch HW100 (serial# 1904596 ) with Zeiss Diavari Scope

Had a break- in at Horse Yard in Berkshire few weeks back and took me this long to find a darn Serial Number.

Scope - zeiss diavari 2.5-10x42 .... obviously worth more than the AirGun! no critics on that one, pls.

Gun happened to be at the yard as we are moving between houses. They got lucky as there was tons of my personal stuff from home there.. including this AirRifle. Not sure what is going to be covered by insurance and what won't

Anyway, not sure where to post this type of Info. figured on here and PigeonWatch just in case it pops up one day in for sale thread ??

Just gave the serial numbers to the Police. but once again they are 1904596 It's a .22

They didn't take the pump to fill the cartridge so imagine will be trying to figure out how to fill it back up once they shoot it empty?

I don't have enough posts to put pictures up yet. will do so soon.