Strange one, well to me anyway.


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Not sure what's going on, someone might be able to shed light.

Saddle mounted pard 008lrf on rail. Strapped onto 308. 110 and 150gr rounds sorted and each allocated to a different letter on the pards internal memory. Then go from 100 to 200yards so I can get the drop distance. All good and sorted.

Ok, swap the barrel over to 223, move the pard over to the 223 and then zero 50 and 65gr loads. All good, or so I thought.

Went out to 200 to get the drop at that distance, 65gr is about 2in low. To be expected as I load low end of scale as these are used on small deer.

Next I did the 50gr vmax. Moved the pard to the correct letter for the stored numbers on that bullet. Put 3 rounds down and what the... No drop. Instead it's climbed 3 inch. All 3 shoots are 3 in over the 100 yard zero.

This is on a pard008lrf not a normal day scope. I should have strapped the scope on and done again but ran out of time.

No idea the speeds of these bullets, there moving along a wee bit but not enough to go up the hill like that surely.

What am I missing here please