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Is anybody else struggling to get hold of Ammo for their hobbie?

Federal Powershok 150gr in .308, Rocking Horse DooDaa.

180gr is obtainable, but l have only used 150gr in my .308 and like it.

If I knew how to do it and could justify the initial cost outlay, I would home load.

With the constant conversion of live round to empty cases in the 2 most hostile enviroments we are currently deployed to, I can't, certinally in the near future, see that Factory produced ammo is going to get easier to source.

Stick with the .243 for the moment, 43 rds left, that should last a while.


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i got some 150g .308 powershok last week no problem mate he had 300 in stock,and i got some in .223,the .308 were 19.45 A BOX BUT GOING UP TO 22.50 A BOX :cry:

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i just bought some winchester 150gn powerpoint .308, £18.50 a box. all i could get. has anyone used these?


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Federal Powershock is in short supply here too in 243. Plenty of sako and norma though but my rifle likes the 100gr federal stuff.


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Hi All,

Apparently it's all to do with the Iraq issue as Federal are contracted to produce military ordnance so civilian production suffers. We got wind of it on the American forums a while ago and hoarded Federal primers as a result so should be OK for while. We'd previously experienced problems with the availabilty of Reloader 22 and didn't want to get our fingers burned again.

Good luck,



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this was the only reason i started homeloading , as getting the ammo i was using and happy with, was difficult to get hold of as every time it took weeks to come or they had a different brand in the same calibre as they could not get the brand i wanted
all i can say is in the long run it will become justified but great fun along the way and never having to worry how many rounds you hav left as you can go load a few as and when
maybe you could get a stalker you use to show you if they homeload,as that how i learnt or try and get a few of you together and get some one in to show you all the basics worth thinking about


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I went down to the local dealer yesterday to see what he had in .243 - the only thing he had in 'premium' was Remington Premier Scirocco Bonded 90 grain at £40 a box :eek: no wonder he had some left!
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