Stupid dog walking!!


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32deg c here outside here in north Cumbria and people walking there dog on the red hot pavement for 2 miles from the town to the local tarn
Just seen 2 springers in full coat trying to walk on the hot pavement in full sun !! Both looked ready to keel over . Some people just don’t think ?


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I know it drives me Mad, i have 3 Springers and a Cocker and my mrs ( townie ) thinks I'm being lazy because I wont walk them in this heat. According to the RSPCA the best temperature for Dogs is between 10 and 23 Degrees. so it's too warm for them.


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My dog (lurcher/gundog/sheep dog/general p.i.t.a) has been flat out like a lizard drinking all place for him

He went and had dump early doors and ain't moved since lol


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When it's this hot all I do is walk my dog when he asks to go out. Even then I only have a 10 yard walk from my front door to the grass area that I walk him on. He's and I are both quite happy and comfortable with that. Even so I change the water in his bowl (Which he has access to 24 hours a day) at least 4 times a day so it's alway fresh and cool.
I'm still seeing thoughtless people walking their dogs up and down the pavement!


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I seen a Sunday dog walker walk his Springer over newly laid and still steaming asphalt, some 200°.
People are stupid.

I was out with my boss at 7:30 this morning moving sheep and sorting lambs. We were done by half 9, by which time it was already getting too hot for sheep, dogs, and probably men too.


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My dogs get their first walk at about 0430 hours this time of year.

Their second is a quick "empty" about 1400 hours and a longer evening yomp when the sun is on its way to the other side of the world.


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The pointer lads start counting our grouse in the morning.Itll be hot business for the dogs but theres plenty of water about.Cant say the same about the grouse though .Itll be one of the worst years for a long time up here.