Sub 12

I’ve had loads of air rifles over the years.
Most accurate was S410 .177
Worst a horrible webley break barrel.
If buying now it would probably be just a bsa ultra. Simple but practical.
I’m an air rifle nut I’m afraid to say. HW100 thumbhole and HW100 Bullpup both in .22, incredible accuracy and reliability. Obsessed with springers got far too many, go to field rifles are and HW80 and HW99, both in .22, but will give the others outings. They’ve all got soul!😆
  • Weihrache HW100KTC Laminate [.177] :love:
  • AA TX200 Special tuned, with LSD full tune & cerecote finish [.22] :thumb:
  • Daystate Redwolf Heritage Limited #193 [.177] :love:
  • Hatsan 60S Springer
  • Steyr Hunting 5 [.177] :love:
  • Diana Mauser K98 PCP [.22] :love:
  • FX Impact MKII Carbine [.177] :banghead::banghead::banghead:
All Sub 12
I'm about to strip my .177 S510 and replace all the seals after 15yrs. I heard the tiniest hiss the other day from it when I filled it and there has been signs it is not quite as accurate as it used to be. So 17 or 18 seals to do and also a new firing valve while I am in there and should be good for another 15yrs. Need to find some silicone grease first as I seem to be out.

Really has been a fantastic rifle. God knows how many tins of pellets it has been through and never seen a dive bottle. Pumped that bitch up every time myself :rofl: :rofl: