Success for the team!


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I know it's not shooting related and most of you will have no interest whatsoever in this post/thread but I have to say that I am thoroughly delighted with the players in the Bacup Park Bowls Club and the way that they played today!
I have been captain of the Bacup Park Crown Green Bowls Team (Wednesday Afternoon Bar None League) for 2 years now and at last we have not only made it through to the finals of our league knock out cup competition but our players played with real determination and we won the cup! This is the first time in the history of the league that Bacup Park have made it through to the finals in this competition so to win the cup is a real credit to all of our players.
I don't want any credit for myself (Even if I do blow my own trumpet for winning our team knock challenge shield for the third time in the last five years) I just want to say how proud I am of all the members and the way that they have supported me through the last two years as their captain!
Well done to all of you, you deserve the recognition, I'm so proud of you!
Below is a photo of me accepting the cup on behalf of our team from the secretary of the league and a photo of most of the members of our team. (Unfortunately some of them had to rush off for personal appointments as soon as they finished their game)


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No harm in blowing your own trumpet Frenchie. Well done to you. They're lucky to have you as their main man! Well done for winning the knock challenge shield for the third time in the last five years too!


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Nice one Pete,

hows the the shooting going? If you ever fancy a mooch around with the rifles or shotguns just PM me

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