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For Sale: suede/leather, collectors bears . fantastic christmas gifts.

mel b3

Well-Known Member
***** price reduction *****

hiya guys ,

the bears have been reduced in price until the last postal delivery date before christmas , after this they will be returning to the normal price.

the price for the next few days is, £45.00 , with free recorded delivery.


hiya guys ,

heres a few new bears , plus the ones that we still have in stock.

soft suede / leather collectors bears , theyre hand made and of extremely high quality(im sure that previous customers can vouch for this) , all bears have five way cotter pin joints , and real glass eyes , each bear is unique and will never be copied (by us) , the bears make a fantastic and unique gift , the bears are between 8.5" and 14" tall , and come boxed.
we know from experience , that as we move nearer to christmas , demand will outstrip supply again , so , if you want one of these bears , youll need to buy it sooner rather than later to avoid dissapointment, we understand that this isnt always convenient , so we will happily put any of the bears on hold for a couple of weeks for a £10.00 deposit.

£45.00 each , with free recorded delivery . (we sell them at up to £65.00 plus postage on the auction site and other outlets)so buying them here will give you a considerable saving.
warning .
these are collectors bears , and although they make a fantastic gift for a child to have and collect , they are strictly not childrens play bears.
pixlr_20161126160045467_20161127122024972.jpgpixlr_20161126164850251_20161127121946072.jpgpixlr_20161126165047504_20161127122106955.jpgpixlr_20161127121858321.jpgCollage1_20160930191745118_20161029205638157 - Copy.jpgCollage17_20160930191829083_20161029205616727 - Copy.jpgPicsArt_10-05-10.10.15_20161008190215020_20161029205145106 - Copy.jpgPicsArt_10-05-10.12.30_20161008190257507_20161029205118640 - Copy.jpgPicsArt_10-05-10.23.37_20161008185159177_20161029205449276 - Copy.jpgPicsArt_10-05-10.29.14_20161008184550292_20161029205549857 - Copy.jpgPicsArt_10-05-10.37.59_20161008184840286_20161029205530203.jpgPicsArt_10-05-10.47.30_20161008185341198_20161029205419768 - Copy.jpgPicsArt_10-05-10.52.01_20161008185508008_20161029205400089.jpgpixlr_20161008184227052_20161008190444330_20161029204758283.jpgpixlr_20161023193059855_20161029204557189.jpg
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mel b3

Well-Known Member
Can I ask what makes them `Collectors Bears` please?

ive just spent an hour typing a reply , then hit the wrong button and deleted it :cry:.

the simplest answer is , theyre collected to own and look at , rather than a toy bear that is made to play with.

the value in these bears , is that each bear is unique , has cotter pin joints , has hand painted glass eyes , and they also very unusual because theyre made from real leather and suede.

people collect then for numerous reason , because they just love bears , because they just like to have collections of things , because theyre an investment , some people give them as gifts , many to commemorate the birth of a child(and have the name and dob of the child pyrographed onto the bear.

their is much much more to collecting bears than this , but hopefully my post wiil give you some idea.


mel b3

Well-Known Member
No 27 is now sold guys.

If anyone would like their bear to come already wrapped in christmas paper with a bow and label etc , just let me know and our christmas present wrapping department will take care of it :) , obviously this will be free of charge , ho ho ho.

mel b3

Well-Known Member
Were fast approaching the last postal day for christmas guys , if anyone wants a bear as a present , can you get your order to us asap please.

Cheers guys.

mel b3

Well-Known Member
hiya guys ,

this will probably be the last call on the bears now before christmas as the last post date is almost here and well be having a few days off again this year.