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For Sale: suede / leather , collectors bears.

mel b3

Well-Known Member
hiya guys ,

here are pics of this weeks new bears , and the ones that we still have.

soft suede / leather collectors bears , theyre hand made and of extremely high quality(im sure that previous customers can vouch for this) , all bears have five way cotter pin joints , and real glass eyes , each bear is unique and will never be copied (by us) , the bears make a fantastic and unique gift , the bears are between 8.5" and 14" tall , and come boxed.

we know from experience , that as we move towards christmas , demand will outstrip supply , so , if youd like one of the bears , you need to buy it asap , we can also put any of the bears on hold for you for a month for a £10.00 deposit.

£55.00 each , with free postage . (we sell them at up to £70.00 plus postage on the auction site and other outlets)
warning , these are collectors bears , and not childrens play bears.Collage_20160930192126130.jpgCollage1_20160930191745118.jpgCollage17_20160930191829083.jpgCollage18_20160930192040059.jpg
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mel b3

Well-Known Member
pics of this weeks new bears have been sent to everyone on the mailing list , and will go on general sale tomorrow night .

if anyone would like to be added to the mailing list , just drop me a pm with your email address.

mel b3

Well-Known Member
Please email me the latest list as Lin didn't email me already
Thanks Dale
hiya dale , lin sent an email to you at 5.49 pm today mate , it was sent to the email address that starts smc , if youve got another that you use , just pm it over mate.