Suffolk black powder shooter


Hi. Titch here.

Interested in black powder rifles, single shot rifles, and preferably old rifles. I'm a target shooter and often found on the Thetford military ranges making a lot of smoke and noise. I shoot everything from rimfires to 7mm Rem Mag to black powder cartridges. Here's a picture of my 45/90 Remington Rolling Block after putting 200 black powder 500 grain bullets through it. Now that is fun!!!


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This reminds me , I really must load some ammo for my 45/120 and get it out again , great fun !
It's a sharps 45/120 ( I'm disappointed I can only get 115g rather than the full 120g in through) I don't know how to get pics on here though sorry ?
I went into "go advanced" and the option was there to add a photo.

Newmarket eh? No doubt our paths have crossed..... I'm just South of Haverhill. Love to see a picture if you can figure it out.

I'm using a full case of Kranks coarse with a 500 grn Postell on top. It's not too bad recoil wise, but I did the same load with a 45/70 case (boolit seated out) using HK fine. That was SPITEFUL! Ouch. Grouping is not bad - see attached. Only at 50 yards, but not bad from a rifle thats over 140 years old.


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hi there titch I too shoot BP over at KLSM (kings lynn) love the stuff. How bad was the fouling after the 200 shots??? love the big black patch on the grass:thumb:
Ahah! I make my own lube. 30% beeswax 30% paraffin wax, 30% vaseline, splash of olive oil, splash of stp. Use that to lube your bullets and nose dip the assembled round afterwards. 200 shots and no fouling whatsoever. I took this photo afterwards because I knew it was extraordinary. This is the bore when i went to clean it. I put one dry patch down it then photographed it because I was amazed! Note the time and date of the photo - about 5 hours after the photo of it on the firing point. The black patch on the grass was somewhat embarrassing - it stretched for about 12 feet! I have a video of it being created - I'll try and upload it.


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45/90 Black Powder Movie

I'm restricted to 1mb and a zip file, but this is my old mate shooting the Remington Rolling Block. This shows why and how the ground was all burned up in front of the firing point. Enjoy.....


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